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Discussion in 'Recording' started by AMPHIGORYANGEL, Jul 29, 2004.


  3. Ben Godin

    Ben Godin Active Member

    you already asked this question before, please don't double post, here is the link


    p.s. - i say get a 24 I/O from Motu, and a behringer MX9000, not only will this "cool" looking mixer imress your buddies, you will be flexible and learn how to run an analog board.
  4. doulos21

    doulos21 Member

    bennyg why would you recomend a crappy board like behringer? have you even read the return rate on those things not only are they built crappy they sound just as crappy as they are built.

    Ok here is the deal whats your budget? good recordings require good preamps and decent mics thats what makes recordings sound good. dont waste 1000 on a cheap behringer board. the 002 will give you 4 mic pres with its standard set up if you need more ins then that you wil have to buy an external mic pre with an adat in. This is very common to have to do anyway with daws the cheapest is now an m audio octane 600 i think. With 8 in that will give you 12 mic pres with the 002 at a cost of around 1800. why are you wanting the 002? for the 8 inputs at 96k? the adat is still at 48k
    you could get a used 001 for around 500 or a new one for under 800 with the 001 and an octane pre you would have 10 mic pres in with 6 line ins at a cost of around 1500 Sorry to tell you this but good recordings take decent gear and its not cheap im around 20,000 in my studio and just now starting to be satisfied with my recording quality. and im upgrading to the 002 soon myself :)

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  5. doulos21

    doulos21 Member

    bennyg wrote "no no no, don't do it, please listen to me don't do it, it will be a big mistake, get a nice interface and cubase, that would be the best possible choice, if you go for digidesign then you will be stuck with their gear and there are no individual outs for individual channels so i'd say no to digidesign, the only exception is if you do hip hop beats, ONLY then digidesign is acceptable, best of luck"

    the 001 and 002 have seperate outs asigned to all the ins and outs of the interface analoge 1-8 and adat 1-8 and spidf in and out hell even the 16 buses can be assigned to diffrent outputs in fact with an external mixer aquiped with a surround panner you can even do true 5.1 surround with the 001 and being stuck with the best isint so bad didgesign is willing to buy back my 001 which ive had for 4 years which i paid 800 for and give me 400 of it toards a 002 this year what other comapny does that???

    Edited for content. Personal insults and attacks are not tolerated on RO. Your thoughts on the topic are welcome but iif you have nothing else to offer other than insults, just don't post.
  6. BladeSG

    BladeSG Guest

    Excellent. Well said 8)

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  7. Ben Godin

    Ben Godin Active Member

    hey doulos i would say what i want to say but ill get booted off the board for it, so im gonna be simple, you need to shut the ..... up and stop critiquing people who give their opinions on this board, almost every message you gave was one critiquing someone, this includes myself and massivemastering and others, now i HATE protools, and anyday ill go with a crappy behringer board over pro tools, thats that, at the same time i trust behringer and i have equipment that im sure will beat out anything that you have, this including a Z-systems and Manley top notch equipment, oh did i mention that i have ADAM mastering monitors and HR824 nearfields setup in my treated room, and i still love behringer, to each his own, but you need to learn to respect that, or don't post on this forum. :cool:

    (beats your 626s doesn't it) :wink: :cool:
  8. BladeSG

    BladeSG Guest

    I didn't know this forum was some sort of competition.

    Seriously bennyg, I think you have an over rated opinion of yourself and you seriously need to take a chill pill. Just think before you post, just 'cause you hate Pro Tools doesn't mean your either right or entitled to speak the nonesense you do! Some people like PT some don't, get over it. I don't like Cubase SX and Nuendo, but I don't go slagging it of to those that use it and neither does doulos.
  9. Ben Godin

    Ben Godin Active Member

    hey Blade, i did over-react, but it wasn't about pro tools, it was about being corrected every time, i really like when people give me constructive advice, but when it comes to the point where every post i wrote was corrected by doulos, it got on my nerves. :cool:
  10. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Here's the deal. No one needs to resort to personal insults to make a point. Let's discuss, argue, debate the topic and leave the personal stuff out of it. There are plenty of other audio forums that tolerate that. If you really feel the need for that kind of confrontation, please take it there.

    I personally think that most all of the gear mentioned here is not as good as it could be. 001 /002 pres are nothing more than glorified Focusrite Platinum series pres ... really not any better than a Mackie (or Behringer) pre to my ear ... The MOTU pres are even worse ... and the converters are not very good either. Also, MOTU is really limited to running on a Mac. I don't want to pay twice as much for a computer so I can run MOTU ....

    I do not like Behringer gear at all, for a number of reasons. People have written in reporting their Behringer gear catching fire in the rack. It is well known they pirate their designs from other manufacturers. Labor practices are questionable at best. Build quality is not as good as a Mackie. You can literally stand on a Mackie mixer (albeit carefully) without damaging it. Try that with a Behringer!

    I am not in the Pro Tools camp either ... I think it is waaaay overpriced and in many cases does not perform as well as competing products. I do not like the user interface ... all that creating buses just to get an effects send nonsense.. The mixer page looks nothing like a real mixer.

    I use Cubase and I feel very comfortable with it. I find it very intuitive, it's like a cross between a real analog mixer and recorder and any Windows program. If you surf the net or do a lot of word processing with Windows, you will find Cubase a breeze to use. Click and drag, drop down menus ... it's very simple in use.

    PT does have the advantage of being entrenched in the market .... most big studios use it although I have been reading about inroads being made by Nuendo / Cubase.

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