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Digi001 or MOTU 2048mkII?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by chordaholic, Jan 29, 2001.

  1. chordaholic

    chordaholic Guest

    Hi there,
    I'm a newbie and really enjoy the pro talk forum at this site. I've been recording using Cubase VST + Digdesign's AudioMedia III for a while now. I'd like to upgrade my recording gear and I'd like to get some advice from the gurus here.

    I'd like to know if anyone hs the knowledge and/or the experience to compare Digi001 or MOTU 2408mkII?

    The fact that they almost cost the same, makes me wonder which one to really go for. I know that the protools LE software that is bundled with digi001 is a better software, but how about the quality of the actual recording?? MOTU has a better S/N db, doesn't it?

    (BTW, you can check out the mp3 files of my recordings at http://www.chordaholic.com comments welcome!)
  2. Papasean

    Papasean Active Member

    chordaholic I'm a newbie also and it depends on your needs. I'm getting Motu2408mkII because it has 24 channels of TDIF so I can run my digital mixer with my DAW. It also has 24 channels of Adat opitcal too. I've never used Digi001 but people say they both are great regarding sound. You can goto motu.com and digidesign.com to compare the two. :)
  3. Papasean

    Papasean Active Member

    BTW does anyone know of another interface/sound card system that offer 24 channels of TDIF and Lightpipe like the Motu2408mkII.
  4. Aaron-Carey

    Aaron-Carey Active Member

    RME makes one, I think its the hammerfall 9652.
    Great support, and a great helpful website for anyone regardless of which card they are running.
  5. Papasean

    Papasean Active Member

    Originally posted by Aaron Carey:
    RME makes one, I think its the hammerfall 9652.
    Great support, and a great helpful website for anyone regardless of which card they are running.

    Thanks Aaron I checked out RME site and the only one I saw had three banks of adat. Thanks though.
  6. Locash

    Locash Guest

    i too was looking for answers to the same question.
    i am going for the motu and upgrading to vst 5.0. i dont like protools lite interface and dont want to go down the one way street of protools. to upgrade from digi001 you gotta have lots of cash. (8grand of so)
    plus i can still use my plugins i have with vst and not have to spend more money on digi plugins. the 2048 has more upgrad capabilites for more i/o's. (at least cheaper)

    anyway..thats my thoughts.
  7. JasonCrouch

    JasonCrouch Guest

    I have set up quite a few MOTU and 001 systems for clients.

    It all depends on what your needs are. If you want to dump more than 1 tascam da-x8 or ADAT to your computer for mixing/editing, you need the MOTU 2408. Unless you have a da-78 (more on that later). If you just need some in's, and outs, and one da-x8 or ADAT to dump to/from - then by all means go with the Digi 001.

    Digi 001 positive notes: For $799, you get the interface and Pro Tools software, even someplug-instaboot. You also get two mic preamps w/ phantom power and pads. If you have tascam da-x8's, you can get an IF-TAD converter and run your audio in thru the 001's ADAT lightpipe input. If you have a da-88 w/ the sy-88 card, or a da-78, you can sync the audio with midi, or smpte - and transfer your tracks 9-16, or 17-24 - one machine at a time.

    digi 001 positive notes - It has 3 TDIFs and 3 ADATs, quick and easy for a grand, and 8 analog I/O's, and sp/dif.

    it all depends on what your project needs are, they are two different beasts, and most importantly, one is a pro-tools product.

    feel free to ask any questions -
  8. Faeflora

    Faeflora Guest

    FYI I'm selling a new MOTU 2408mkII w/ the PCI-324. If anyone wants it gimme an email. mthura@yahoo.com

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