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Digial Jitter????? Need Help Fast

Discussion in 'Recording' started by eightsonstudio, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. ok, so i have a focusrite 428 preamp and i sending my other pre amps through it and going adat into my digi 002. I am getting pops through my adat channels but wheni hooked up my pre's tothe anolgue ins on the digi 002 no clicks. would this be considered digital jittes or am i ^#$%ed?
  2. i guess i ma just gonna return the 428 and get a digimax being that the preamps on the 428 arent that hot anyway (after getting a daking and vnitech)
    check this out

    this guy najat from my area New jersey makes some really high quality products.

    Vari Mu compressor amongst a great preamp. It has been used on Brittany Spears records and are used in EVH's rig. check it out, not very well known but after the ne OP comes out his prics will go up
  3. stickers

    stickers Active Member

    this is an easy fix i think. IN protools, go to the Set Ups menu, Select Hardware Set-Up, make sure Clock Source is ADAT, Digital Input, the first button should be selected.

    BTW when you use the adat lightpipe, 48khz is the highest sample rate allowed.
  4. thank you for the repliy, i have done all of that and that is why iam so perp;exed. i have even rebooted and tried a diferent sequence of turing my gear on, nothing seems to work. I am recording at 44..1 24 bit
  5. it sounld also be noted that i have been using this setup for the past month wiht no problems, it jsut start ot happen tonight
  6. stickers

    stickers Active Member

    Dont get the DIGIMAX by presonus. If you get anything else get a Mackie Onyx 800r.

    I had the digimax. It's operating noise makes it unusable of anything remotely soft. Once the pre is past 12 you can hear the hiss from the digimax.

    The Mackie Onyx 800r is sooo much better
  7. thansk for info, i have a central station that went bad on me and i also have a higher end stuiod by me that has the new ADL 600 and the left channel didnt work, seems like pre sonus is sucking. iam mostly going to use this just for the extra 8 inputs into my 002 rack

  8. stickers

    stickers Active Member

    well , if you are looking for an alternative to the 428 and like I said the presonus Digimax blows, seriously check out the mackie onyx 800r.
  9. i was just looking at it, i am a mackie dealer at work so i can def get it that way. i just feel bad putting a couple onyx preamps to waste, i would not be using 3 but i am sure that the digimax does blow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. stickers

    stickers Active Member

    uhhh..the light pipe supports 8 pres though???
  11. here are some of the other converters that i was looking at
    pleae let me kow if i am totally fo target


    i am not to sure if the motu would work for me, i really dont need any preamps
  12. yeah i would be putting my La-610. Vintech x73i, and Daking premap though the interface. Sorry for not making that clear, i want somehing that has beeter converters than my 002 rack, i heard a noticalbe differnce with the 428 and i dont watn to loose that if possible
  13. stickers

    stickers Active Member

    ohhh so you want to go from your pre into an A/D , light pipe out to the 002.
  14. stickers

    stickers Active Member

    I don't have much experience with comparing A/D converters. All I know is that Apogee is a leading brand.
  15. midislut

    midislut Guest

    4 words >

    "get a BIG BEN"

    :cool: :cool: :cool:
  16. i ma playing on gettng a bid ben, i just purchased a lynx auroa 8, just watig for it to come in. I plan on bumping up to HD so that will probably be in the cardsd for that upgrade. by the way
    any opinins on Pro Tools HD????????????
  17. stickers

    stickers Active Member

    My god... You got the gear bug.
  18. yeah def, it has sunk its teeth in and wont let go. i work at a musci store and i have alredy exhuasted all our companies except digidesign. stickers. what is your pefered median for recording? are you a pro tools? if not what would you recomed
  19. stickers

    stickers Active Member

    click the www box. it will bring you to my website. click the gear link...thats what i got.
  20. hey have you ever had a probelms with you oo2r and you mackie? i am hoping ha tmy oo2 isnt my problem with adat hook up. also ifyou have any picks send em to me, i would love to see the set up

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