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Digidesign 002 vs MOTU828/Events Layla..Pro tools vs Nuendo?

Discussion in 'Nuendo' started by synred, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. synred

    synred Guest

    Gday Guys, I'm from Australia, and work in a studio using a TDM Pro tools setup, but I want to build a studio for home/on location work, and i was wondering, i have a pc and mixer, plus Nuendo, but what would be the better setup; hardware/software wise? Digi002 with LE software, or Motu 828mk2 with Nuendo, or an Events Layla with Nuendo?
    Im not looking to spend a huge amount of money, and in value for money i think these are the best 3 options..
    any help would be much appreciated,
  2. y not a digi002R with nuendo and LE...
    thats how i'm about to run my new setup
  3. lorenzo gerace

    lorenzo gerace Active Member

    Second that; that way you'll have the ability to run both apps and be compatible with the TDM studio (with PT LE) and have Nuendo where PT lacks (maybe on the A/V side or MIDI).
    The 002 firewire looks a good choice, so good that I'm getting ready to update my 001 with that.

    Hope this helps

  4. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    I don't want to break the trend here & I do have one question...what limitations are there if you go the route of using the Digi002? Does it allow you to record better than 48k (up to 96k or better)? My choice would be between the Motu or the Layla w/ the Steinberg S/W (Nuendo is my choice too because of the crossplatform capability). By the way, Echo is slated to release their new line of firewire products in the very near future, check them out.
  5. lorenzo gerace

    lorenzo gerace Active Member

    Originally posted by dabmeister music:

    Yes, the 002R allows sample rates up to 96KHz, and the converters are a major step up the old 001.

    Pro Tools has Mac/Pc compatibility option too, have used it many times myself and has always worked out great.

    Hope this helps

  6. yea the converters in the 002R sound really good.. not great but good. i'ma mainly run nuendo 2.1 with mine but pt when its needed...i've always hated pt.. tdm's are str8 but cost you your arm and leg.
    i'll have my digi002R setup with nuendo in 2 weeks..
    quick question.. can i run 2 didi002r's in one machine for 16i/o
  7. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    Yes, you're right Lorenzo, I'd love to get my hands on a PT HD3 system. But the cost factor is what's keeping me from taking that step right now. :|
  8. lorenzo gerace

    lorenzo gerace Active Member

    You are right, that's the same thing with me: I'd love to have an HD rig like the one in the studio I sometimes bring my bigger projects in to mix; anyway having even a little LE system allows me to be compatible with that facility and accept work even though I know it will be finished out of my studio; I'll upgrade to the 002R ASAP, and evetually when my own business will be grown enough I'll jump to HD, right now it's not justified, there's not too many gigs that I cannot handle within my studio, even if they are with pro musicians and producers, working with Jazz, classical and contemporary (and A/V post) the sessions aren't huge.

    Originally posted by C9productions:

    No, unfortunately LE systems aren't expandable, only one interface per system can be hooked up, that's the design limitation of the native version.

    Hope this helps
  9. even if i'm not running Le?
    like if i wanted to use 2 of them with nuendo 2.1, could hook up 2?
    i really don't wanna stick to recording 8ch at a time.. its takes to long sometimes.
    i run a delta 1010 right now, and i have some clients that have songs in le format that thay want me to mix. so thats the reason i was gonna get a digi002R... if i can't use 2 in one system i might go ahead with the 828mkii or something like that
  10. rojo

    rojo Guest

    don't forget that digi002 or digi002rack have an adat optical input and output. that means that you can actually buy,for example, the presonus 8 mic pre (there are several models) and run 12 mic pres at the same time. more than enough inputs to record a good set of drums.
    also i've used my digi002, in standalone mode, as an external a/d converter into a digi001 or digi002rack with 16 simultaneus inputs. in that case i used an external 16 track console with direct outs, and worked great.
    i think the real problem with protools le is the computer you are useing it with. i have a mac 800mhz single processor quicksilver and after adding several plugins it really starts to run slow. but with nuendo there is better "plugin management". that means more plugins running at the same time without the "slowing" thing.

    but if you have a BIG pc or mac with enough processing power, like a mac with double processor, dual g4 or dual g5, or a pc with at least 2.5 ghz of processing power, that will let you run pt le with no problem. :)
  11. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    Well, as for expandability....I'd go with 2 or 3 Layla's or the same with say a couple of Motu 2408 MKIII's/24i's. I'm kinda stuck on using the Steinberg stuff 'cause their products have worked very well for me (past & present). But at the same time, I'd like to stay compatible with the mainstay stuff too. By the way...I have the Echo Layla 24/96 which works well also (this is an upgrade from using multiple 20bit layla's). It houses Adat/SPDIF optical as well as coax digital I/O. Just have'nt had the need to use it (adat optical that is) yet.
  12. synred

    synred Guest

    nuendo on 002?

    I had no idea that Nuendo ran on the digi 002. I had always thought PT hardware, only worked with PT progs.
    The main reason I was thinking of running the digi instead of a motu or event etc was the compatibility with taking a recording to other studios over here for major mixdowns/mastering etc, as I only know of one "largish" studio running Steinberg gear over here.
    Thanks for the assistance.
  13. djui5

    djui5 Guest

    That's why I love pro-tools so much. Not only is it insanely powerfull, but almost every commercial studio on the planet has it. And taking a session from home to a studio is as easy as burning a hybrid cd......
  14. rojo

    rojo Guest

    actually any software can run on digi002 thanx to its core audio system. you just open it an add any application you want it to run. of course, what's going to work is just the mic pres and line ins through the converters,don't expect the faders and extra knobs to work, that's just for protools.
  15. the 002R has asio drivers.. thats why you can use it with neundo and have all i/o's work right.
    as for your comment rojo, i don't need 12 mic pres.. i need to be able to to track a mpc, triton studio, motif rack, fantom x... etc not each unit.
    so i guess the songs they have under Le they'er gonna have to redo. i think i'ma go with 3 828mkIII or something on those lines since i can't have multi-digi002R's
    the mpc has 8 outs
    the triton has 6
    the motif has 6
    fantom x has 4
  16. niconic

    niconic Active Member

    the digi002 has 18 inputs.(8 analog, 2 spdif, 8 ADAT). it has core and asio drivers but i've heard they are hardly usable (very unstable + huge latency) (see review in SOS mag)
    unless digi have updated them but I don't think it's their priority. Anyone knows ?
    unless they release some good drivers, I wouldnt get the Digi 002 to use with anything else than PT.
  17. daone415

    daone415 Guest

    hey dont give up yet i think the 002 might be expandable i will find out... I use it at school with nuendo and works great but have the 828mk II at home and i love the 828 cause it's expandable, has smpte, 20inputs, midi, and has 4 different cue mixes u can store. But have to admit that the 002 (rack) might be cool too especially if it's expandable cause u can work with both PT and Nuendo. I wish Digi Translator was free or not real expensive but at the end Nuendo does everything Pt does and sounds better too.. :?

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