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Digidesign 002r advice

Discussion in 'Recording' started by mwp, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. mwp

    mwp Active Member

    I have been recording several years. I presently have 2 Fostex D90's, ART Dual MP preamps, Roland SRV2000, and Studio Master 16 channel console. Myself and the bands I have recorded have been very happy with the recording results. I am looking at upgrading to a Digidesign 002r and Pro tools Le7.0 and MAC PowerPC dual G5. My questions are: will I get very noticable recording results by upgrading to a DAW setup using the 002r and using Protools Le?

  2. More Cowbell

    More Cowbell Guest

    Protools is the way to go. Especially if you needed to take your stuff to another studio, they will have protools and you just bring your session there and have it mixed better or Mastered or whatever. I use a Digi001 rig at home, and it sounds great. Protools is so easy to use. I have no input on a 002r but I have been told its better, but I only think because with a 001 you can only go as high as 6.4 with it. THe band Cake, recorded their album "pressure chief" in an ordinary house themselves. And they were using a G3mac w/ a Digi001 and a UA 610/1176 combo as a pre amp. And it probably went gold or platinum. :wink:
  3. mwp

    mwp Active Member

    Thanks, yes that Blue Oyster Cult needed more cowbell.
  4. Digger

    Digger Guest

    I think you can possibly see some very significant results in a number of areas. The biggest improvements will come in a few ways;

    1) Editing - you will obviously have editing capabilities that will far outweigh anything you could ever hope to do on the Fostex.

    2) Plugin Effects - I don't know how much metal you own but if you don't own a lot the ability will really open up some creative and sonic options that you may not have had available to you before.

    3) Automation - this can play a huge role in your ablity to make really dynamic sounding mixes. The automation in PT is legendary

    4) Audio - I am not positive but I believe the Fostex only records up 48k at 16 bit. With the 002 you can record up to 96k at 24bit. So I believe you will see some improvements in terms of the audio quality.

    Hope that helps, cheers!
  5. mwp

    mwp Active Member

    Thanks for the reply,
    Yes the Fostex D-90 will only do 16 bit 48k. If for some reason I need to
    do more than 8 channels at once on the 002r, I believe I could use the Fostex adat outs at 48k to the 002r to do more. Is that right? I understand that you can only do two channels at 96k from an external A/D device, such as an Apogee or other A/D converter using the digital in on the 002r.

    Thanks again,
  6. Digger

    Digger Guest

    AFAIK the only channels that will not record at anything higher than 48K are your 8 ADAT channels. The SPDIF channels and the 8 A/D/A internal channels on the 002R should allow for recording up to 96K for a possible 10 simultaneous recording channels of 24 bit/96 K (assuming your computer can hack it).

    You can record up to 18 channels simultaneously but you will need an 8 channel A/D converter (I use an Apogee Rossetta 800) or a combo unit like the Presonus Digimax, which has both preamps and A/D converters but not a D/A. I started with the Presonus and it worked fine for me. You will also need an A/D converter with a SPDIF connection - I use an RME ADI-2 - started with a 2 channel ART Tube Preamp with A/D conversion built in.

    I used to have a Yamaha board with ADAT outs which I used a couple of times for the ADAT connection, so I would imagine the Fostex might work as well but I don't know definitively. I am now boardless , I only use the preamps and do all of my board-type work on Protools.

    Hope that helps, good luck!

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