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Digigrid IOX

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by hueseph, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    It's been a long time. Life sometimes throws you a curve ball and you have to jump way out of the field to catch it. At any rate, got this in the inbox the other day. It looks like Universal Audio's Apollo is going to get a run for their money. Not to mention Avid's interfaces. It seems to me that Waves are set to take over the interface/integrated dsp market.

    If Waves comes out with a full fledged DAW, Avid could really be in deep water.

    Check it out. What do you think of this?

  2. DonnyThompson

    DonnyThompson Distinguished Member

    I'm not sure about the "taking over" part. Certainly they will provide some competition, ( which is alwaysgood) but I doubt that those who own the UAD systems, and who have substantial money invested in them, are going to drop their platform in a knee-jerk fashion and jump over to Waves, although I'm sure that current Waves users will consider it.

    That's pretty much what has kept Avid going for as long as they have - those who have put large amounts of money into their PT rigs over time aren't quick to dump it. Beyond the familiarity of it, there's the investment. So many have been financially committed to them that they can't move over even if they'd want to... or at least that's what my PT user - engineer friends tell me. I have several colleagues who use PT ( a few use Logic) and there are a few of them that don't even like PT, (mainly because of the way that Avid treats their customers) ... yet, they can't switch, because they have so much invested in it over time, and, of course, because using it is pretty much obligatory if you want to remain competitive, and being familiar with it is a necessity if you want to freelance at various studios.

    Speaking in terms of Native processors, there are other options that have surfaced in the past few years.

    Fir example, IK Multimedia/T Racks is giving both of those companies a serious run for their money in the native market, because they sound just as good as Waves native plugs do, and they are commonly less than half the cost for the same plugs and modeling.

    I used Waves stuff for years (and still have quite a few of their 32 bit plugs) and I can tell you that their Classic Compressors, Neve and SSL plugs sound absolutely no better than the T Rack's versions of these same processors... except that IK's prices are a lot lower. Slate Digital is another that has entered the native market and is gaining popularity.

    Competition is a great thing though. It means lower prices for those of us who use those products. I recently received an email from Waves, notifying me that they've dropped the price on their classic compressor bundle from $599 to $199.
    While I have no proof that they did this as a result of T Racks selling their classic bundle for $149, I'd still be confident putting money down on a bet that says that this was exactly the reason they chopped their price by $400.


    IMHO of course

  3. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    The new line seems interesting, thing is, they have put up many units but none have all what I need.
    The IOX and IOS don't have ADAT so I would have to buy at least 2 units to get the I/O I need. This is again looking to adresse pro studio and not home or mid size studios..
    I guess my target replacement for my interface will still be the Antelope Zen studio (if I ever get the money) ;)
  4. pan60

    pan60 Active Member

    Lets not forget, waves does not always get the love some think they do in regard to customer service.
  5. kmetal

    kmetal Kyle P. Gushue Well-Known Member

    The specs in this thing are sweet. This is another bridge from live/broadcast to studio. I like the interfaces role replacing the computer for processing. Keeping the connectivity and the processing close in one box is nice. The annoying caveat to these things is your locked into certain formats and their associated upgrade and service plans, if I understand how it works. Which i might not. If somethig like this ran all your plug-insit'd be super sweet. But I like where this is going.

    I'd be very interested to hear what, if any, difference there are in pluggin audio fidelity, between the ones on the IOX, and a native system, all other things being equal.
  6. DonnyThompson

    DonnyThompson Distinguished Member

    I've never encountered any problems with Waves, but I do know quite a few people who say that they have.

    My most recent support queries were with Slate and T-Racks, and both of those company's support reps were very friendly and very helpful. Unlike some other companies I've dealt with in the past support-wise, at no time was I ever made to feel as though I was an idiot, or that I was bothering them or taking up their precious time, and undeserving of help (cough, AVID, cough, cough.)


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