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Digital ADAT interface

Discussion in 'Recording' started by jshayden, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. jshayden

    jshayden Guest

    I have a small home studio. I need some sort of digital interface for my ADAT so that I can use software. I found one of these really cheap, so I was thinking of buying this and a PCI card and using ProTools. I was wondering if someone had a suggestion for a fairly affordable PCI card that will work with this device? Or, maybe someone has a better idea alltogether?!

  2. Randyman...

    Randyman... Well-Known Member

    Protools will require its own specific hardware to operate (PCI cards will not work with PT). I believe the Pro-Tools Digi002 has ADAT optical I/O built in. That interface you linked to looks pretty ancient, and is not likely supported by any PC built the past 7 years. What is that, a Printer Port interface? :shock:

    I'm running Nuendo on a screamin' fast PC, and I use an RME 96/36 PCI ADAT card (allows 18 ins and 18 outs at once). I love it.

    The EMU 1212m is another cheap ADAT PCI card that includes descent AD and DA conversion, too (but it still won't work with Pro-Tools).

  3. jshayden

    jshayden Guest

    hmm.. ok..

    is that card specific to that software?
  4. Randyman...

    Randyman... Well-Known Member

    Pro-Tools software won't even run if it does not detect a Pro-Tools audio interface. You HAVE to buy Pro-Tools hardware to use Pro-Tools software.

    Software like Nuendo (or Cubase) will work with practically ANY soundcard (like the E-Mu 1212m ADAT card I mentioned above).

  5. jshayden

    jshayden Guest

    excellent. pro-tools hardware was just the first thing i came across. that's why i came here! thank's alot. i'm looking at both cards right now. i still need software though.. I've never seen Nuendo..

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