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Digital Console Input Needed

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by Todzilla, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. Todzilla

    Todzilla Active Member

    I am starting to get frustrated at how few decent analog consoles one can buy for $2000. I've been outbid on eBay for a Ghost and an A&H GS3 and I'm not sure I want to make a deal with the Mackie 8 Bus devil yet.

    Since I'm mostly ADAT based, I'm thinking seriously of a digital mixer. I don't care about tracking, cause I'm going mostly Neuman U-89 to Demeter pre to tape. What are the forum's thoughts on the following machines for mixing and monitoring purposes:
    • Yammy 01v96
      Tascam D-24
      Panasonic DA7
    My main interest is good sound. Reliability 2nd. Feature richness 3rd. I don't want to go Behr and for some reason I am leary of British digital.

    Your thoughts?
  2. boheme6

    boheme6 Guest

    I've got an 01V that I got in a trade - I love it..
    I wouldn't mind trading up for an 01v96, though.. has some features that I'd like.

    Overall, though - Yamaha has been doing digital consoles for a long time, so they know what they're doing. It's not an SSL, but hey - nothing is.

    The mic preamps are ok, they work but won't replace your boutique boxes.. the effects are decent, and certainly usable for certain applications. The size/footprint is perfect for a small studio.. and the automation and ability to control most software is great.
  3. Samplecraze

    Samplecraze Guest

    The Tascam DM 24 is excellent. The O1V96 is also good, but for me the DM tips the scales.
  4. Samplecraze

    Samplecraze Guest

    A good review here:
    click here please
  5. Thomas W. Bethel

    Thomas W. Bethel Well-Known Member

    The Panasonic DA7 is no longer being manufactured and Panasonic is no longer in the console manufacturing business. Unless you can get a really good deal on it I would stay away since parts and service maybe hard to come by.

  6. Todzilla

    Todzilla Active Member


    Your point is well taken, although I have found very few vendors who even admit to having made a product once they release a replacement. Given the speed with which models are obsoleted, I look more to how many units are out in the field as the best indicator of supportability.


    Thanks for that great sos link. It gives good info, although I'm still looking for a handle on how well it sounds.


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