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Digital Microphones

Discussion in 'Microphones' started by dabhoys, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. dabhoys

    dabhoys Guest

    Just wondeing if anyone has used these and what company's make them. I know that Beyer have one and so do Neumann. Just wondering if there is many more...

  2. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    I'm not familiar with a Digital Beyer. Though I would be very interested in trying it. I find that most Beyer mics are amazing sounding and quite reasonably priced.

    As for the Neumann - (System D). I have used them and must say they are QUITE nice. However, at $10K a pair, I would sooner watch my own grandmother in a porn movie than pony up for a pair!

    There are SOOO many good mics, neigh, great mics for so much less. And really, is the convenience of the AD being built in worth that much? I tend to think not. I like my converters and when I've finally been convinced through marketing or peer pressure that they're no longer any good, then I'll buy a new set and start liking those too. Unfortunately, the digital mics are kind of limiting in that way.

    It's also putting a lot of faith into our current system of media delivery. When I drop even as much as $79 for a mic, I expect it to last 50 or more years with little to no service. I dare say in 50 years, PCM will not be the delivery method of choice. So, I would tend to feel as though the digital mics are a short-term, expensive novelty.

    Sorry for the doom and gloom on them, it's just my (free and useless) opinion...

  3. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    I agree, Jeremy. Its hard to justify such a purchase and they probably be unuseable 50 years from now (heck, maybe even 10 years from now, the way technology changes)
  4. TornadoTed

    TornadoTed Guest

    I was amazed the other day when I saw a USB microphone !! manufactured by Samson I think it was. If digital doesn't change enough then computers sure as hell do, I'll have a wager that USB certainly won't be here in 50 years time. I'll stick to good old fashioned tried and trusted analog for the forseeable future I think.
  5. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    but the samson mic does not cost 10K like the Neumann solution D
  6. Duardo

    Duardo Guest

    I like my preamps too much to really get into one of these things. Although I did hear the beyer years ago and it sounded very nice and clean.

  7. iznogood

    iznogood Guest

    saw the samson yesterday..... might be nice for a laptop....

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