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Discussion in 'Compressors / Limiters' started by coldsnow, Nov 3, 2001.

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    I have some nice tracking compressors (1176, Summit) but am using an FMR for stereo 2-bus. Not that it is bad but I would like to step up a notch. I'm mix to a Masterlink and do my own mastering (this is not professional just for my own enjoyment). So would I be better off getting a good analog compressor like the solid state Avalon or Smart or something like a Waves Maximizer L2?
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    well, a mix compressor is kind of an "artistic" tool for the mix and the L2 accross the mix is purely a 'loudness' aid to help you get hot level.

    One plus point, The L2 doubles up as a high quality converter, (if you needed one)

    What do you do your own mastering with? The features inside the Masterlink?

    That L2 is the the bee's knees at making loud CD's.

    What use do the 1176's and the Summit get put to come mixdown time?
  3. coldsnow

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    I use the 1176 and the Summit to more or less add something. If I want something to stand out and sound more powerful I use the 1176. If I want something to sound warmer I use the Summit. Both are single channel units.
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    What sort of music is it that you find yourself doing most?

    The Alan Smart is very good for grunge rock!

    Perhaps a Manley Vari Mu to keep you warm this Winter!

    or an Avalon?


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