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Distillers-City of Angels Guitar sound

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by JohnShadow, May 31, 2007.

  1. JohnShadow

    JohnShadow Active Member

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this type of guitar sound.
    Kind of bright rock guitar with a punky feel.
    The bass seems to be very prominent which probably makes most of the low end, leaving the guitar to work higher up.
    Any help appreciated, I'm sure it will be easy for the more experienced rock guitar recorders to hear what it's all about.

    I can only find a video version online
  2. DrGonz

    DrGonz Active Member

    Turn up the bass and Compress the Luck outta the .... guits

    I think I like the song but the mix is horrible, I like the attitude of the vox and the bass is really good
    The guitar tone has alot to do w/ the guitarist then the eq might be scoop the hell out of the mids and crank up the 100hrtz plus add some high end around 10 to 12khz The guitars in the mix are so far compressed or turned down I barely hear them.

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