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    ok guys I have a question for you? would you pay 125 dollars a hour to track in a studio thats acoustically perfect from drums and vocals? or should I upgrade studio with drum mics and converters and a good vocal mic and completely deaden my room (since its to small to be usuable) and add reverb electronically.. I would be able to work at my whim and be able to not rush... But still im not sure If a good drum sound can be optained in a completly dead room (though i think it can) Any way I realize theres two schools of thought here.. Any input is helpful thanks..

    To be ready to do drums and vocals I need on more preamp and new converter and some mics maybe about a 4000 dollar investment..

    How about a Lomo mic instead of a U87 i can save there?

    I personally think it might be a good idea my vocal chain is valley people 610 and a ssl pre) Is this OK?

    thanks for the advice :D
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    your in the wrong forum for this question. I would post it in some of the others as it encompasses several things.
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    hey your right my mistake I actually didnt mean to post it here but if anyone wants to add to it then by all means.... ;)

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