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Do you have one near you?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Blutone, Jul 27, 2002.

  1. Blutone

    Blutone Guest

    Yesterday I went to a Sam Ash music store to pick up a mic. I went with a SM57 in mind. But, when I got there, I was slammed to the ground with the amount of mics I had to choose from. They had a rig set up with about 10-15 different mics just wait for someone to ts-ts-test them out. They had(from what I remember) some AKG's, Samson's, Shure's and quite a few others.

    After ts-ts-testing them out, I decided to go with the Samson Q-mic. The reason being that I'll be using this mic for inst. & vox. Now, I didn't take the time to mic any instruments(Not that I couldn't have. The staff was extremely accommodating) mainly because I didn't feel the need to. Now, anyone who's done anything vox will know that there are few things on this planet meaner than a mic processing nothing but the resonance of your own vocal cords. That said, the Q-mic blew me away. The sound was absolutely brilliant. Clarity and affordability, what more could you ask for?

    What?! I didn't mention the affordability part? As if the sound weren't sweet enough, I stole this $199 mic for $89 smackaroos(only $10 more than the SM57). :D

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