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Do you need good Vocalists??

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by Peppercorn, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Peppercorn

    Peppercorn Active Member

    Hi, my wife and I are singers & songwriters and have been writing and performing for 25 years now. We've slowed down on the 'Live' performances of late and are wondering if we might find some work with our voices.

    You can listen to us here!

    I've uploaded some trax from my wife and I's last 2 CD's. "Famularo" & "Stop The Rot"
    "Stop The Rot" was recorded at home where we did the LOT! Music, Playing, Singing, the lot. it was recorded on an old Akai 12 track and sounds a bit dated now but I think the songs still stand up pretty well.

    The "Famularo" CD was done in a decent studio with other Muso's this time, including Mark Paric on Bass and Darren Muller on Drums. The whole thing was a rush job, but we're happy with the songs under the circumstances, but always wish we could re-mix it all.

    Have a good listen to different songs as we write and sing quite varied styles. You can contact us through "Soundcloud". We're interested in helping other Muso's too, so we're not wanting to blow your budget!! We'll consider helping out in any way we can.

  2. Peppercorn

    Peppercorn Active Member

    Oh well, no one seems to.

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