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Do you use Audio TX Communicator?

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by TeddyG, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    ...with or without ISDN lines... With what interface card?

    Just looking for comments......

    Teddy G.
  2. ccool

    ccool Active Member

    Hi TG ... it's been awhile since I've been on this board. Kind of busy trying to make a buck.

    I use AudioTX Communicator. ISDN. I've done tests with other AudioTX Communicator users using both ISDN lines and IP. The IP connectivity works as advertised.

    I use the Eicon NT-1 terminal adapter (it was the least expensive and it works fine). The ISDN card is Fritz/AVM (least expensive from AudioTX). Works great.

    Most production houses use ISDN. IP tends to be affected by net traffic. You know, there are an awful lot of lost packets using IP. Anyway, it's a good and less expensive way to get to ISDN.

  3. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member


    If you do check in again(Even if it isn't for awhile, I'm not moving very fast), I wonder how good your IP connectivity is?

    Speed, type, reliability, etc.

    Thankx for the info on adapters.

    I have cable, at 250 up/3000 down, but 800 up/7 or 10,000 down is offered for a few extra bucks. Think I might get the 800/7000? ISDN line - 128, is about 50 bucks a month for up to 20 hours use, per month. I wonder what you pay? Also wonder if just the single 128 line is enough - I've had varying opinons - though from some not a whole lot more knowledgeable about it than I am(They USE it, but others, others I don't know, make it work)?

    One more question: I wonder if the new PT "ISDN" plug-in works with ATXC?

    I'm really struggling to figure this stuff out. Suppose I'll have to "jump-in" and figure it out on-the-fly pretty soon...

    Thankx again,

  4. ccool

    ccool Active Member

    I had to use the quote thing. Short term memory loss is almost complete, here. Too much tequila.

    My cable provider is Comcast. I have 250/3000 and it works. But, for the PT plug-in - Source-Connect - it'll work but you'll be very close to the edge of non-functionality/packet loss/latency too high. I tested Source Connect when it was released. I don't make enough to see a Return on Investment (ROI) to pay for and then begin using the plug-in.

    AudtioTX works fine with 250/3000. But, I noticed that there was some clicks/degredation in quality with IP after a twenty or thirty minute session. AudioTX recently released a rev version of AudioTX 1.0.7 I believe it has some enhancements that will minimize that sort of thing. It's not AudioTX but the Internet itself and routing through the backbone infrastructure.

    I use SBC for ISDN lines. Two circuits normally come with the installation, b1 and b2. b1 is the primary number and circut. b2 is the secondary. The circuits (you might think of them as lines) come on a single pair of wires. It's called 2 Up. You've got 4 wires in your junction box (usually), black, white, red and green. In the U.S., only one pair is needed for two circuits. The transmitting or receiving studio can decide whether it wants to go joint stereo, mono, sample rate, bit rate, etc., which will determine if only one or both circuits are used. My experience has been that all studios use 128, both circuits.

    AudioTX has adaptive technology that detects sample rate, stereo/mono, etc. and automatically handshakes and makes everything go.

    My SBC line(s) cost about $200 + for the install and about $30/mo. I get 200 local minutes (which I rarely use for anything).

    To get out of your area code, you'll need a long distance carrier. That costs between $0.70/minute ($0.35 for each line). I rarely dial out, except to test my unit periodically.

    If you've got a business line, you might want to use one of the ISDN lines as a business line. But, you'd have to purchase a terminal adapter that works with POTS (Plaint Old Telephone Stuff). OK, so POTS doesn't mean that. But, you get the idea. You can just plug a regular phone into a TA with that capability. The problem is, they cost a couple of hundred dollars. So, again, it's ROI. And, yes, ISDN will work like a "regular" telephone line, too.

    Telco's are notoriously dumb about ISDN. It's like, they do DSL and are sort of unaware of ISDN. But, when you get to the right group of people, everything actually comes together.

    Neither Source-Connect or AudioTX are compatible with ATXC. It's an old protocol that's still around; however, most of us will just use a bridge service. Digiphone's really good and the owner is very supporting of the ISDN community. http://www.digifon.com/. Great resource, too.

    My overall experience is that the Internet is not ready for prime time versus the ISDN route. You know, dial tone is still more reliable than web-tone. In other words, the Internet suffers from some reliability issues. Some production people don't want to risk a down router hanging up an expensive session with the client in studio.

    Well, I hope this gives you some info. Check out the Musicamusa website http://musicamusa.com/ and Digiphone. Good info's there.

    That's it. You can download AudioTX for free and, after you install it, play around with the IP feature. I think it's good for about 30-day trial. But, you can only stay connected for about 10 minutes or so at a pop. It works as advertised.

  5. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Indeed, CC. Thankyou....

    Then, it sounds like my ISDN "Line", would actually be what others I've talked to call "PAIR of lines"..?((A "twisted" and even sordid pair, no doubt.) Very good. I believe(I hopeI hopeI hope!), that my rather weird little local phone company, is pretty good at such things(And I do have a couple of knowledgeable "ham" friends who actually work in the place, doing such stuff), so as to "get things right". I've also actually done a VO or two for this very("B to B") department - their TS, I must say, has always been very, very good.

    Long distance? I HOPE(?) that if someone "wants me", THEY would be the ones "dialing-in" LD..? Though, again, I think the local folk can help me here, if needed, to get-out to the rest of the world, myself..?

    Roger the ISP's "fast but iffy" service...... Just have to use it/try it when I can... Again, I am fortunate(?) to have a pretty good, rather local as well, cable company, who has been doing the ISP "thing" for almost 20 years... Frankly, even if there is a "glitch" once-in-awhile, as I do mostly 30"/60" spot VO, it is, generally, no real trauma to just "punch-in" or do the whole thing over("One more take, please - just like the last one, only give me more bass. Do you have more bass? Can we give him more bass..???"... sigh...).

    Yes, I'll likely go with Digiphone. The guy(Sorry I forget his name?) says he will help me try it out when I download/install the trial version of ATXC...

    Thankx again! When I DO get it, I'll be calling on you for more help!


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