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  1. Halifaxsoundguy

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    The IT guy at work has been looking at me for some advice on recording meetings, I recommended the Zoom H4N (Currently we outsource it). It seems like an idiot proof design that non technical people could use.

    He then asked if there was a software that would turn the MP3 Voice recording into text in say word or notepad?
  2. pr0gr4m

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    I've never seen software like that...that does it from a file...but there is speech to text software that you could probably make use of. You could rig up the system so that the Zoom output is routed to a computer input which sends the audio to the speech to text software which transcribes the meeting.

    I've only toyed with voice to text software so I don't know what is good and what isn't.
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    I'd wonder how well that software would pick up the recording, especially if the recording isn't that great. No doubt there will be a bit of room sound with that Zoom.

    Besides, if any software as such worked well, transcribers would be out of work ;)
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    I think thats the point.
  5. Halifaxsoundguy

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    I've read articles about this and people have done it with some success. For one person with little background noise they are fairly accurate. Add more people to the mix and louder background noise and they are less accurate. But even if it's only 60-70% accurate, that should still reduce the amount of work needed.
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    I'm still using my version 7 of Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred. The Zoom H4 can be used. But the voice-recognition software of this earlier version I'm using has to be trained quite thoroughly for even roughly 85% accuracy. And this is with the microphone in proper proximity to your mouth. It won't work worth a damn with ambient room recording. So you can't expect perfection unless you speak to it as clearly and as succinctly as a professional announcer would. But then, I are one. So no problems. It just doesn't like to recognize crappy dirty language stuff. I get seasick so when wanting to cus this doesn't work for ship. See? Dammit Jim! I'm an audio engineer not an English teacher. IBM made a competing product called VIAVOICE. I tried the trial & the trial lost. I'd rather drag around my Drag on unnaturally spoken.

    I keep talking. It keeps typing. Talking. Typing. Talking. Typing my mouth still hasn't gotten tired. Talking. Typing. Too bad audio isn't as easy?

    Still talking after all these years. Typing. Talking. Typing some more.
    Ms. Remy Ann David
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    please write a book on recording! as entertaining as informative it would be. mine all your posts for the gold, mix in some platinum, have it illustrated by a darkly sarcastic artist, include a DVD, and then count your $$$.
    do it.
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    oh, yeah! please include some interviews with producers/engineers/musicians. i think i've read 'behind the glass' 5 times, and with your ummm 'unique' take on, well, everything, the interviews could be some 'high' humor....
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    BDM, thanks. I thought perhaps you were up late like I am? What time is it in Africa? I mean, I remember leaving a long time ago, from Washington DC on the first day of summer & arriving in Wellington New Zealand on the first day of winter. I mean that was like WTF?? How did I spend my summer vacation? Shivering. & trying to solder without lead! That's damn near impossible! I mean heck, they still used lead acid car batteries? I want real solder. I almost couldn't fix my API preamps thanks to the airlines rough handling. That was 20 years ago. How are you supposed to fix anything there today? Green? You can't solder with anything green!

    Too many sheep farting there. That ain't green.
    Ms. Remy Ann David
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    in Africa, it is tomorrow o'clock, and everyone is still late...
    there are a few sheep farting here, but mostly goats. and then people eat them and have goat farts.
    and the only thing greener is the grass...
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    That's not a very PC thing to say about sheep in New Zealand. However, like a PC, they would probably appreciate more RAM.
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