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Dorrough RW-100

Discussion in 'Metering VU' started by audiokid, Oct 25, 2011.

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    RW-100 Remote ControlB connects with up to four meters providing access to all meter functions.

    Remote Control RW-100 is now compatible with all models of Dorrough analog and digital meters.

    Button legends on the top apply to analog meters and legends on the bottom apply to digital meters.

    Connections to the meters are made through 8-pin mini DIN cables attached to the AlarmRemote connector on the rear of the meters. The RW-100 is powered by the meter(s) to which it is connected, and contains a micro-controller to interrogate and serialize the switch status.

    Alarm indicators for up to four meters can be monitored on the RW-100 front panel. In addition, the meter alarm closure feature is also duplicated on the rear panel.

    Display FunctionB

    TD="width: 100%"
    *Ref Mode : Expansion mode enabling reference adjustment around "0" to be within .1dB
    *Peak Hold : Indefinite Peak Hold
    *Peak Auto : 3 second Peak Hold
    *Clock : Overs Reset
    *Full Scale : Overs Display
    *Phase : Displays phase error as a correlator 0 to 180 on full scale of meter
    *SumDiff : Sum Diff display
    *LeftRight : LeftRight display

    BAlarm FunctionsB

    LED alarms on the far left of the unit indicate phase errors, bit stream corruption, overs, and loss of audio for each of 1 through 4 meters and are function selectable per the following table.

    *Analog Meters (Dip Switch #4) : Phase (On), Loss of Audio Full Scale (Off)
    *Digital Meters (Dip Switch #4) : Phase BSC* (On), Overs BSC* Loss of Audio (Off)

    * Bit Stream Corruption

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