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DP3-Adats-BRC-MTP AV-2408 synch

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Kevin F. Rose, Aug 27, 2001.

  1. Kevin F. Rose

    Kevin F. Rose Active Member


    So I need to be able to synch my ADATS to my DP3 rig for dumps but I also need to keep the BRC in line for when other engineers want to go with just the ADATs.
    I'm running out of the BRC to the ADATs to the 2408 Pci card and a USB MTP AV. I can get sync without the BRC but I'm wondering how to get a two way sync happening. I think I have to add a wordclock cable from the BRC to the MTP AV. I may also have to use a 9 pin switcher for the synch cable. Am I missing something. TIA
  2. alphajerk

    alphajerk Active Member

    i would say you are missing your brain. couldnt you find some idiot to set that up for ya :D who needs a brc anyways??? ;)

    next thing you'll be asking is where your keys are ;)

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