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dp4 .5 will it work on my G4 466

Discussion in 'Recording' started by bluesdudeo, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. bluesdudeo

    bluesdudeo Active Member

    As the subject suggests . I'm still working with a g4 466 AND DP3 VERY soon to upgrade to OSX TIGER and DP4.5 . I need to know ... will the old 466 mono processor cope with the basic functions of DP4. No soft synths just basic midi and Audio recording .

    THanks for your time and patience.
  2. axel

    axel Guest

    i don't know for shure, but you should be fine...

    the only experience i can give you is, that i had an retired g4 466 exactly like you at home staying around, and i recently 'activated' the god old bugger, again.

    i came across that logic express is from really great power for the little money... so i sticked it on there to tweak, experiement at home... it's fine really fine... the only thing is, if i use a ton of plugs (and i am amazed with how many he is still doing alright, including CPU hogs like the crystal synth) then the graphics are utterly slugish, but it's for my private pleasure at home, so i don't mind... and i use in general a lot of soft synths...and a fair amount of plugs, specially at home as it is not a full studio / outboard setup.

    from what i know DP is a pretty good optimized prog for the Mac... so you should be ok, assuming not running tons of CPU hogs like big REVERBS...

    but i would stay away from tiger, yet... i still even in the studio with G5 / logic pro, run 10.3.9 lot of stuff like plugs or synths or whatever still makes to much hussle for the little advantage tiger gives you, actually if you run your machine for audio only, tiger doesn't make sense at all... ok it's said it's faster. the difference is minimal... and all the widget gadget / spotlight stuff you really don't need for audio work.

    do as you whish, but the tiger upgrade might make your live to hell, i rather set on a stable system, then the newest one...

    it can become endless, upgrading this, that, this... blah, blah

    hopefully some DP user like maintiger will give you more real experience about DP performance...

  3. bluesdudeo

    bluesdudeo Active Member

    Thanks axel ...yep all this reluctantly.. My g4 has been rock solid with dp3.
  4. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    you will be fine with the 466 but you do have to at least upgrade to panther. I have panther in my G4 laptop and it runs great with the latest DP 4.61. the only thing is that the 466 G4 won't let you run many instances of VI's and you'll have to mostly print the plug ins ot you'll start getting a vary jerky performance. But this is doable. If you bounce to disk the VI's and tracks with plugings. I used to get quite a few tracks with my G4 400 way back when... If you want to get a great machine real cheap though, get an used dual 867. I sold mine to get a G5 because of VI's but I should have kept it. I only got a measly $1000 for it
    (am sure they're less now) and got instead a laptop for remote recording. I should have kept the dual 867 instead, put it in a rack and used for remote recording. My ibook 1200 mgz hasn't nearly the power and umphhh of that great dual 867 machine. live and learn. When it aint broke don't fix it! :D
  5. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    ohh and you know what, if you do get the paid upgrade to DP 4.5, make sure you do get the free upgrade to DP 4.61. When DP 4.0 and then 4.5 came out they had some issues that have been addreses in 4.61. Its stable now, no crashes. 4.0 and 4.5 used to crash a lot
  6. bluesdudeo

    bluesdudeo Active Member

    Thanks everyone. David Ian Vaughan

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