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DP5 + EZdrummer = Where are the 8 OUTs ?!

Discussion in 'Drums' started by motumeikl, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. motumeikl

    motumeikl Guest

    hi! i've got a problem with the outputs of the EZdrummer in DP5:
    i choosed a new instrument (EZdrummer). i choosed the multiple outputs in EZdrummer. In DP5's bundles window i can see the following channels:
    EZdrummer 1 3
    EZdrummer 1 4
    EZdrummer 1 5
    EZdrummer 1 6
    EZdrummer 1 7
    EZdrummer 1 8
    EZdrummer 1 9
    EZdrummer 1 10
    EZdrummer 1 11
    EZdrummer 1 12
    EZdrummer 1 13
    EZdrummer 1 14
    EZdrummer 1 15
    EZdrummer 1 16

    so, what are these channels for?! when i swizch to the mixer window, i only can see 1 channel (the instrument channel) for the EZdrummer.
    but i want to route the 8 EZdrummer channels to 8 analouge outputs?!

    how can i do that?!

    thanx in advance for your help!



    and here's another one who has the same problem...:

    I went to bundles in DP and added 7 EZD tracks and in EZD mixer I made the tracks multi so all the instruments were on there own tracks. In DP the EZD tracks are listed EZD 1-3 to EZD 1-16 what is up with that? I would think it would start at EZD 1-1. I have tried setting EZD in DP bundles as mono then as stereo tracks. In stereo they run as 2 tracks like EZD 1-3/4.
    Now when I go to the tracks window in DP only one channel of EZD shows up, so I went to project add tracks I tried to do this with both stereo and mono tracks. Here is what happens DP adds more instances of EZD with all the memory of required of a new instance. My memory counter on EZD goes crazy and tries to run from 264 Meg up to (264 meg X 7). All I want is to be able run the instruments in EZD on there own tracks so I can add effects. What am I doing wrong? How do I do this?

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