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DPA HMA5000 and apogee MiniMP and MiniME

Discussion in 'Microphones' started by _basso_, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. _basso_

    _basso_ Active Member


    Here is a recording I did last night, I tried DPA's HMA5000 directly into the FF800, then I tried to run Apogee MiniMP and then MiniMe thru HMA5000 which was set to 0dB. Microphones is DPA 4003.

    The interest in this topic seems to be so bad, so I delete the files

    This three Bach pieces were played three times, one for each recording.

    Which versions of Bach sounds best, perhaps no version sounds good? :?:

    Last improvisation is just a test of having microphones in the middle of the church.

    Organist has just taken up this piece of music again, he only had time to practice one hour. So do not be to critical on his playing :)
  2. Didier

    Didier Active Member


    all three Bach recordings sound great. I added 1 dB to the second one for balancing better the levels but the left-right difference is opposite to the ones of 1 and 2. The differences in sound quality are not significant for me. I might prefer 3.

    Thank you for the impro. Very nice!
  3. _basso_

    _basso_ Active Member

    By the way!

    HMA5000 track01, MP track02, ME track03 and impro HMA5000
  4. Didier

    Didier Active Member

    Well does that mean that I could hear the difference between the AD converters of my Fireface 400 and a separate converter within the 1 k€/k$ cost range ? Apogee, Lavry, Mytek ... I am going to think to that. :roll:
  5. ptr

    ptr Active Member

    All four tracks sound quite fine to me, I have a hard time hearing any big difference!!

    Is this with or without the DPA UA0777 nosecone?

    I'm not sure that I liked the the sound of the Reubke piece, I felt that it sounded somwhat muted (I don't have any good word to descirbe it in english..) in comparison with tha commercial recording I have of the sonata (on MDG with Martin Sander, and I belive that Dabringhaus & Grimm use 4003's mikes when they record organ)! ... The organist is brilliant!!

    Let us know what You think about the Aurora, I've been of Lynx's stuff for a few years (I gave up on them early, because of beeing dumbfounded by their software!)..


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