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Drawmer DSL424

Discussion in 'Dual Compressors' started by audiokid, Oct 25, 2011.

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    The BDSL424B provides the engineer with a 1U four channel comprehensive toolbox capable of solving the most complex dynamic problems. Incorporated in the 1U package are two industry standard frequency conscious noise gates and two softhard knee compressors with variable threshold limiting.

    The channels may be front panel configured as four individual stand alone processors, a stereo linked pair of complimiters with a stereo linked pair of gates. Alternatively, any combination of processing can be achieved by rear panel patching. The DSL424 combines the gates of the DS404 with the complimiters of the DL441 to provide a versatile 1U problem solver invaluable in applications where rack space is limited.

    BNoise GateB
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    *Variable High Pass and Low Pass Filters for frequency triggering
    *Auto attack
    *Variable release
    *Switchable range with LED status
    *Selectable ‘Hard’ (drums etc.) or ‘Soft’ (vocals etc.) modes
    *14 inch jack Key Inputs
    *Key Listen facility
    *Slave linking
    *‘Traffic light’ gate status metering
    *Balanced +4dB XLR inout


    *Switchable HardSoft knee compression with variable threshold, ratio and output gain
    *Auto attackrelease
    *Variable ‘zero overshoot’ transparent limiter
    *High resolution bargraph metering of gain reduction and inputoutput level
    *Stereo linking
    *Balanced +4dB XLR inout

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