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Would you like to have a software that does this?

  1. I like doing retakes until the drummer gets it right, or editing the drums manually.

  2. That would be nice to have, but if they don't have it I do just fine without it.

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  3. That would be awesome. I will totally get it if they have it.

  1. liveit777

    liveit777 Active Member

    I was wondering.... Is there any kind of freeware that will help me edit drums? Heres what I'm doing.(I use drumagog so that i can cut beats and not notice it) I have recorded drums for a new album. The drums are pretty well on time. But, theres places it gets of here and there. I know it doesn't matter that much but that much but I want to be able to fix it with out cutting each beat and lining it up with the click track. Is there any software (prefferably free) that will do just minor touch up stuff?
  2. SWhite

    SWhite Active Member

    I try to very rarely edit drum parts. I always try to get the best possible performance from the drummer. There is no substitute for a great performance.
  3. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    Why does it always have to be something for free?
    If one is seriously into drum editing he will always be missing the excellent tools like those available in Cubase 6, for example.
    Is it so hard to lay aside some bucks for a decent tool?
  4. liveit777

    liveit777 Active Member

    It is hard

    It is hard to save up some money when it's not top priority. There are so many other things that I need. I just thought I would see if there was a free program that would help me out a bit an save me a little bit of time. So... Yes it is hard when your not rich.
  5. DrGonz

    DrGonz Active Member

    The question is not about being rich, it really is about the ability to value something. But yes I agree these tools are expensive. Find the tools that are most important and invest into getting the right tool. One tool I like is in BFD2.0 is the ability to use room sounds and create ambient mic. Much like an added reverberation or added punch w/ the samples included. Look into Ez Drummer since it is cheaper. I saw EZ drummer today for $79 and you save $99. Sounds like triggering these programs w/ drumagog to enrich the pieces of a drum set is the way to go many a times.
  6. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    If you can afford Drumagog is an updated DAW that far off? What DAW are you using?
  7. liveit777

    liveit777 Active Member

    Ok.. Heres whats going on.... We are opening up a studio for the first time. We've got the basics. DAW, interface, and tons of effects on the computer. We've been able to get a fairly decent sound with just that. EXCEPT for the drums. We don't have a good enough room for the drums yet. So, we saved up and got drumagog. That was a top priority of ours so we could get a good drum sound. All I am looking for at the moment is a program that will keep the drums timing solid. I could use the drums how they are now and nobody would ever even notice. Just a few beats here and there. There are so few beats that are off that its not even worth re-recording that part in the song. Its a lot easier to just cut it and move it a little bit. I was just wondering if there was a program that would fix those beats for me. Heres a link to my bands youtube channel. This is a demo that we made real quick just because we needed something fast. We are recording everything from scratch.

    YouTube - liveit777's Channel
  8. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Okay....What DAW are you using? You may already have the tool you need.
  9. liveit777

    liveit777 Active Member

    I use cakewalk sonar. And I use sound forge for a lot of the editing.

    PS - Sorry... The reason I didn't tell you what daw I was using is because I tried to reply but my computer kept on shutting down on me. I told you what I used in those replies but I guess I forgot to in the one that worked.
  10. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Alright. That's a start. Which version of Sonar? And, please tell me it's legit. As a professed "Christian" rock band it should be for your integrity's sake.
  11. liveit777

    liveit777 Active Member

    It's totally legit dude. It's sonar home studio 4. I know it's not all that, but it's what I've got to work with. And by the way... Thanks for being so nice and helpful. Other people on here aren't near as nice as you have been.
  12. liveit777

    liveit777 Active Member

    Hey... It's sonar homestudio 4 and it's totally legit dude. I know it's not all that and whatever, but it's what we've got to work with.

    PS - thank you so much for being so nice and patient with me. A lot of other people on here are just flat out rude. Anyway....I just wanted to thank you! God bless!
  13. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    I know this isn't the answer you want but, the download for Sonar X1 Essentials is $60 us. There is a tool called audiosnap that allows you to snap transients to tempo. This is basically Sonar's version of ProTool's Beat Detective. It works very well on midi and some vocals. Terrible for live drums.
  14. liveit777

    liveit777 Active Member

    Thanks dude Sooo much. You have been such a big help. And thanks again for your kindness and patience. I might try your suggestion. Although it's still not top priority. My next thing is a pitch correction plugin. I'm thinkin either waves tune or the regular auto tune. Anyway... I cando some research on that myself. Thanks again for the help and God bless!
  15. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Sonar X1 already has pitch correction. Look up the specs. Upgrading won't get you melodyne but it's a whole lot cheaper for a lot more functionality.
  16. jimmys69

    jimmys69 Active Member

    I hope that the computer that 'kept on shutting down', is not the same one you wish 'free' software to make all of your dreams to come true.

    Does your church not offer to help you with this? Mine does.

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