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    Ok this is my first post on this site, but I have been reading all the great info on here for a couple years now...I'm in the midst of recording my band on my Korg D16, yes I know its not the greatest, but I know how to use it very well. I'm using all of my inputs when recording the drum set so when it comes time to overdub all the other instruments I have to make a rough mix of the drums down to 2 tracks to free up channels. So I guess my question is should I just do a real rough mix of the drums not really caring about the sound? Then record my guitars and make a submix of them and go back to my original drums on channels 1-8 and have my guitars bass and vox on the rest of the channels which left are just stereo pairs. Its just kind of a balancing act I have to play I guess..

    Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions you have!

  2. Codemonkey

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    Personally I would try and pay attention to the sound because the rest of the band are playing along to them...so long as I could dispose of the rough mix, I would set it so that it provides the best beat/feel to the rest of the band to play with. Then get rid of it and do a proper job with respect to the rest of the mix.
    (Not that you'd not be doing a proper job to begin with by the sounds of it)
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    Well the thing about that is it is just me playing a scratch guitar through a pod, and my drummer listens through the headphone out on the pod, since I'm using all my inputs for drums i can't lay a guitar down. Well I guess I could lay a scratch guitar down but I would be without 1 part of the drums which we play avantgard metal so all the drums kinda have to be prevalent....My drummer seems to get a better take when I'm playing at the same time so I think how I'm doing it is best. And no I'm not the greatest but I do pay attention to detail when I'm recording all instruments. For you to assume I'm doing things wrong is making an ass out of you and me :)
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    Codemonkey I'm sorry about that last post, I totally read the end of your post wrong so I appologize for that :oops:

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