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drum sounds

Discussion in 'Drums' started by wizzard, Nov 26, 2002.

  1. wizzard

    wizzard Guest


    I have a question i'm making dance, trance music but i don't want to use drums from samplecds, ... I want to create my own unique drumsounds what is the best way to create your own dance, trance , techno drums. Sampling a real drum like a pearl drum and patching the samples you recorded or ... Maybe someone can give me some hints? What i have to do, starting ...

    Best Regards
  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    At the risk of coming off as a jerk, my answer to you is "Get a drummer!" Real drums rock, anything else, IMO, licks!. .................. Fats
  3. ok computer

    ok computer Guest

    ok, that was not a very open-minded and indeed, a pretty crap, unhelpful response from cedar...

    wizzard, did you mean you dont want to use sample cd loops, or not samples at all? it will make a difference in the answer im about to give. oh well.
    you may wanna check out a bunch of software drum machine programs. theres millions of them. i realise that maybe you meant no samples at all, but a lot of these programs let you manipulate or even build your own sounds like a synth. try "fruity loops" as a start... it seems pretty cool. i think there is a site http://www.hitsquad.com - it should have a massive list of drum programs somewhere that i think you can download...maybe demos.
    other than that, i can say from my experience, by using certain plugins like "lo-fi", its possible to make interesting electronic drums from real recorded drums.
  4. wizzard

    wizzard Guest

    What i want is to make my own drumsamples for trance dance music like the most drumsynths are b ased on tr808/909 samples. But i have a novation d-station but i don't get the drum sounds that i want maybe i need a very good compressor. I'm beginner and have already worked with fruityloops but it's not my style of program i work alot with reason.

    Best Regards
  5. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Hey !!! ,
    I said at the risk of coming off like a jerk. It's just that I am a musician first and I hate to see players work being done by machines. This falls under the heading of "What's wrong with music these days?" I've been doing this stuff for longer than a lot of you have been alive and I have had time to formulate opinions (and I'm entitled to them). That being said I still say that robot drums lick! Even rappers have realized this and are making the trek back to real drums. I have had to resort to drum machines myself when recording my most recent song demos but I submit it takes absolutely no ability to plug a patch cable from a drum machine to a recorder and hit the record button. My experience has shown me time after time that it is actually faster and easier to record live drums rather that futzing with a program for 10 hours or more and the results blow the doors off of any drum machine track! ..... You know there's a reason that they call musicians "The talent". That's why I'm giving up my nice cozy office that I am sitting in as I type this. It looks out off a hillside into a beautiful river valley. I love my office. But I am going to move my computer out into the family room and turn it into a small drum room so I can get back to recording real drums. It's just my take on it ....... Fats
  6. ok computer

    ok computer Guest

    "it takes absolutely no ability to plug a patch cable from a drum machine to a recorder and hit the record button".

    your absolutely right there cedar but, it does take ability and "talent" to record something that sounds good just like recording real drums. anyone could have the ability to plug a mic in front of a real drum kit and make it sound like $*^t...
  7. Willi E.

    Willi E. Guest

    Hi Wizzard,

    first I want to say that ok computer is right about "the talent".
    Yes I know that Fats point of view as a real musician is, to bring in a real drummer.
    I also can fully understand Wizzard's point of view. Sometimes the sound of a real drumset isn't appropriate to such a music genre like trance.
    And as far as the concernes of the real musicians that the machines are now doing their work.
    I can't share Fats point of view on that because I've never seen a random button on these machines and If there is one I can't believe it's going to create good music.
    The machine needs input. And yes I can make a machine or a sequencer groove. Because the vibe comes from me.
    Maybe not that good as a drummer could do it, but also not that quite obviously bad.
    It's all about intelligent programming.

    I would suggest you to try out the Waldorf Attack.
    It's not a classical drum-machine so you will need a sequencer which is compatible to the VST-Standard. It is a very good Software-Synth especially made for drum Sounds.
    You can create your own drumsounds from scratch or use the presets and tweak them.
    It's a very nice tool and you can achieve everything from real drum sounds to very futuristic sounds. It's actually that good that they've come up with a hardware version of it.


    Willi ;)
  8. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Amazing how this stuff can come back to haunt a guy. He he. This was started clear back in November … and I'm still learning that the definition of "Moderater" is "to be moderate" as "Mr. Roberts" has pointed out to me. :D Sorry I came off so negative. As was mentioned,
    I still haven’t gotten out of my office yet but I am preparing to start a couple of projects soon so that will be the next order of business. Yes drum machines can be “made” to groove and yes, sometimes samples are more in order for a type of music and yes, drummers can be weird people to deal with. (BTW I bet drummers think guitar players are werid.) I was watching “The Osbourns” last night and Ozzie said something I have been saying for years, it’s a different type of person who wants to spend their lives sitting around bashing things. All of that being said I still like real drums. Fats
    Tannoy, Dynaudio, Blue Sky, JBL, Earthworks, Westlake, NS 10's :D ,
    Genelec, Hafler, KRK, and PMC
    Those are good. …………………….. Pick one.
  9. themidiroom

    themidiroom Active Member

    I have a couple samplers and bought them with the intention of creating my own drum samples. The reality is, there are tons of sound libraries out there of sampled drums. Why reinvent the wheel? If you have a sampler with good editing capabilities, (or know how to operate a parametric EQ) you can create some really nice and unique sounding drum tracks.


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