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Drums mics

Discussion in 'Drums' started by dabhoys, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. dabhoys

    dabhoys Guest

    Hey all, apologise if this has already been asked. Just curious what people favourite mics are for micing a kit. I'm a fan of 57's on most things but I'm new to all this and would love to learn about a few other mics too.


  2. LittleDogAudio

    LittleDogAudio Active Member

    Kick= Sennheiser e602
    Snare top=sm57
    Snare Bottom=sm57
    toms= sennheiser 421
    Hi Hat=AKG 451
    Overs= Km84/Coles 4038/Earthworks SR30
    Mono room mic= AEA R84

  3. dabhoys

    dabhoys Guest

    Thanks for your help man. Just going to be investin in some nice mics for recording drums and I was just curious to see what else is out there....
  4. LittleDogAudio

    LittleDogAudio Active Member

    The mics are probably the last thing to consider.
    #1 A very well tuned drum set
    #2 A really good drummer
    #3 A nice acoustic space.

    If you have all three of these, then go buy the mics.

  5. sproll

    sproll Active Member

    Don't forget the Audix mics.

    D2's are killer on toms, D6 is amazing on kick.

    Stick with a SM57 on snare. Try some Studio Projects C4's for overheads.

    That's my 2 cents.
  6. dabhoys

    dabhoys Guest

    I assume you've used all these urself. They all seem nice price for someone like meself. Have you had any problem with any of them. Good sound etc...
  7. bobbo

    bobbo Active Member

    Drum mics

    I use:

    audix d6 kick
    beta57a snare
    audiotechnica pro25 toms
    akg c430 oh's
    sm57 snare bottom, when used
  8. dabhoys

    dabhoys Guest

    I assume the best mic for hi hats is a sm57?
  9. dudge

    dudge Active Member

    I use:

    Kick- AKG D112 and/or Audio Technica ATM25

    Snare- Sm57
    or Studio Projects C1 for brushes or less compressed rock sound

    Toms- Sennheiser e604 on rack MD421 on floor
    or Studio Projects B1 on rack B3 on floor for more detailed sound

    Overheads- Groove Tubes GT-44's or Studio Projects B1's

    Room- CAD M179 in omni
  10. Terabyte

    Terabyte Guest

    just searched for this topic.. how handey ^_^ **steals the thread**
    do any of you have any mic's that you have used for drums in the past which you would definatly not recommend other people using because of whatever reason (please mention)

  11. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    Well as a dissenting opinion, I'm not sure I am a huge fan of Sm57 on snare. It seems to get too much "pong" and not enough "crack"; mic placement be danged. On another note, I have the Audix ADX-90 clip-on condensers that are kind of a pain. They sound decent, but they don't clip on well, and you have to reenforce the weak gooseneck with something to keep the darn thing in place. D6 is pretty sweet on kick though.
    Things to avoid....any of the cheaper versions of good mics I guess. A 57 is about the cheapest mic most people would recommend.

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