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Discussion in 'Drums' started by MWiseman, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. MWiseman

    MWiseman Guest

    I've recently took the plunge into making the home studio. Got the interface, shure sm 57, and software but I'm missing live drums. Due to the room size I wont be able to get any drums and so far all the "beat makers" online sound to robotic and rigid, does anyone know any good virtual drum software online that sounds realistic and is flexible? Price doesnt matter too much.

    Help and input will be greatly appreciated,

  2. Jeremy

    Jeremy Active Member

    Get the drum replacement tool called drumagog. you could record yourself beating your hand against the kitchen counter, and turn it into a ludwig snare.

    If you have to have live drums to use in a home studio I would recommend the Roland TD series. You could record them at any hour and not get the cops knocking on your door. Plus they sound pretty dang good. I wouldn't get anything less than the TD6.
  3. NCdan

    NCdan Guest

    I hate to say it, but any non-bargain bin drum sequencer is capable of sounding (sort of) like a real drummer. A quantised drummer, anyway, but we won't go there. :lol: The problem I hear with people programming drums is that they don't think like a drummer: they don't hit the crashes often enough, the fills are cookie cutter fills, the hi hat opens on strange beats, the list goes on... I recommend listening to someone like Brooks Wackerman to get an idea of more creative stuff that can be done with drums. Get the CD "Freedumb" by Suicidal Tendences; I learned so much from just trying to do some of the fills he did on that CD. But yes, think like a drummer, be one with the drum machine.

    And Roland edrums? Pardon me while I go throw up in the corner. I'll take real samples any day. Shameless Yamaha plug. :D
  4. BDM

    BDM Active Member

    Roland eDrums and Superior 2!
    expressly NOT vomit inducing...
  5. NCdan

    NCdan Guest

    I wasn't talking about replacing the notes. 8) But digital samples (straight from the Roland brain) aren't very good.
  6. BDM

    BDM Active Member

    Agreed! that's why i bought S2... now, i close my eyes with headphones on and could swear i'm playing an acoustic kit. freaky stuff!

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