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audio Dub & Chill out music - would love some honest opinions and tips

Discussion in 'Fix This MIX!' started by dustrial, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. dustrial

    dustrial Active Member

    Happy new year everybody :)

    I'm Benon, after a year of no inspiration at all, it finally hit me and i made this nice dub/chill out track
    I would really love to hear your opinions and get some advises and tips on this one

    Thank you
  2. djmukilteo

    djmukilteo Well-Known Member

    Your Soundcloud app doesn't work...Always better to "link" to your Soundcloud page...
  3. dustrial

    dustrial Active Member

    Thank you! I placed a link instead
  4. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    its been years since you were here. I hope it didn't take you this long to finish it here? Kidding, welcome back!

    Your track sounds 3D. I like that. Other than that. Not much more to comment from me. Its 100% ITB and nothing to do with microphones. What are you asking basically?
  5. djmukilteo

    djmukilteo Well-Known Member

    Interesting sounds, has the reggae tone/feel to it, not my cup of tea and don't really have an opinion on the mix, other than I was waiting for something to change or happen along the way there with maybe some sort of vocal line verse or chorus. I'm sure the repetitive chord/drums and sounds effects are part of the genre so I'll just say keep having fun making recordings.

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