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Dyno becomes Dyno2

Discussion in 'Recording' started by alfonso, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. alfonso

    alfonso Active Member

    hello doc and forum explorers (this seems to be an area for the brave... :lol:)

    this is Dyno2, an optimized and simpler (3 knobs only) version of my Dyno plug in for pc

    this time controls are smoother and extreme settings are avoided.

  2. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    I d loaded it to ck it out and I am missing the exe of it. I do not have dyno 1..can this be fixed??

    Did I ^#$% up somewhere?
  3. alfonso

    alfonso Active Member

    hi bill, you don't need any exe!

    just copy the two files (.dll and .dat) in your vst plugin folder before you launch your vst host...very simple, and to uninstall you just delete them!
  4. sserendipity

    sserendipity Member

    Bill, this is a VST plugin, not DirectX. You'll need a VST compatible host, or a VST-DX converter, such as the one from http://www.fxpansion.com - it works great, and the plugins will show up in your Sound forge DX folder.

    I highly recomend adding VST plugins to your arsenal, there are lots of great sounding freebies out there. (There's even more crap, but of course, that's usually the case.) My current favourite example -


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