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Discussion in 'Recording' started by eash, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. eash

    eash Active Member

    any one tell me bout E-MU1212M?
    i want have it...is it realy good?
  2. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Ask a specific questions and you are more likely to get a specific answer back. Yes the E-MU 1212M is real good. There are also other audio interfaces that are real good. I think the E-MU audio interfaces provide great quality, flexability and value for the money you spend.
  3. Spase

    Spase Active Member

    I use a 1212M and like it a lot. I just upgraded to the 1616m. I would definately recomend it - if it has the features you need.
  4. JesterMasque

    JesterMasque Active Member

    The best things about it are the DSP Patchmix software and the S/PDIF and ADAT I/O's where you can hook up any preamp that has an ADAT output. I personally used it for travel in my tower in conjunction with my Presonus Digimax FS for on-site recordings.

    Actually, I have completely re-done my studio and I have my 1212m for sale if you want it. I can definitely beat out any store price because right now it is merely sitting in its box in my studio. I have all of the original manuals and all. The piece is still in perfect condition. If you wanted to go up from there I also have an 1820m for sale that I can send out for the same price or better than a new 1616m (even though it has two more inputs and four more outputs than it).

    However, I must ask: what are you going to be doing with this interface? What other parts will you connect to it? What kind of computer do you own?
  5. eash

    eash Active Member

    hi to all.and raely thanx,i am from outside usa,i am a music composer,i work with motu 828mk2,but it is not working now,i sent to the company i found the price of sending it to usa is more than the price of another audio interface!!so i hade delta 1010,it was good also,but i read about emu 1212m,i found it best saler,so just want to know more from users,i work with pc 3giga prossesor,2giga ram,i have nice focuserite pre amp,makie mixer,art pre amp(dps2)art compressor.and more...so i just want to know more about this audio interface...any one tell me more :)is it realy like digi HD as thay sed??i read that thay use the same AD converter as in the pro tools hd.....thankx
  6. eash

    eash Active Member

    ah !!
    i forget to tell you that my software is cubase sx3.also if this will be stable with emu1212m?
  7. JesterMasque

    JesterMasque Active Member

    I only SX3 and the E-MU Patchmix software works seamlessly with it. You did read right. The A/D converters are the same as in the Digi HD192. It really is a super system for its price, ESPECIALLY compared to the M-Audio stuff. IMHO I would not even touch the M-Audio when you have E-MU. Also, the tech support is incredible (unlike that of MOTU).
  8. JoeH

    JoeH Well-Known Member

    Coincidently, I've got an EMU1212m, still listed for sale here on RO. (At least I THINK it's still there.) I'm about to put it on Craig's list or Ebay as well.

    Not trying to do a sales pitch here, but if you're interested, drop me an email with an offer. There's nothing wrong with it, I just went in other directions with some gear and needed the slot space in the system where it used to live. I have the 2 cards, ribbon connector & CD Rom installer; the original boxes are long gone.

    Good luck however you go.
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