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Easy question

Discussion in 'Recording' started by GnzlO, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. GnzlO

    GnzlO Active Member

    Hello folks, this is kind of silly question but, I really dont know, but i'm wondering how to convert the VST MIDI tracks in Cubase sx3 in AUDIO track, should I export it as .WAV and then put it back in?, I guess this is possible, well, you know better, thanks for your time!
  2. Kapt.Krunch

    Kapt.Krunch Well-Known Member

    While you are waiting for a useful answer...you may consider looking in the manual that comes with the software. The answer should be there. Possibly even in the help files.

    Good luck,

  3. GnzlO

    GnzlO Active Member

    yeah, i'll better search in there, thought it was easier this way, thanks mate...
  4. Codemonkey

    Codemonkey Well-Known Member

    Forums usually take some time to respond unless you get lucky and post as someone is on. I don't think there's enough people on here that you'll always be able to expect that.

    But, a forum will give you better info than a helpfile - if you wait around on it.
  5. Groff

    Groff Active Member

  6. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    GNz10 did you read the manual? There is a way to export the file directly to a new track but do us a favor and RTM....if you have it. I'm biting my uh...."tongue" so as not to give you an uh....."earful" about cracked software. Only plummers and peelers can legally bare crack.
  7. Kapt.Krunch

    Kapt.Krunch Well-Known Member

    Hueseph... :wink: Was trying to be more discreet, here... :lol:

    In the manual...it MAY even be called "Rendering". If nothing else...Google "Cubase rendering"...and I bet you'll find something. Search engines are a wonderful thing if you know what to put in them.


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