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  1. Kiskadee

    Kiskadee Guest

    Hi, We have a ghost and have until now used a cheap Zoom 1201 effects unit. Now we bought a Lexicon MPX550 and want to use both. I read through the manual and need your advice on the best way to connect them.

    The zoom connects as follows: Stereo AUX 7 goes to the zoom and returns via FX4. This works fine. When you solo an individual track on the ghost you you only hear that track with the effect.

    I tried to connect the lexicon as follows: Stereo AUX 8 goes to the Lexicon and returns via FX1. This doesn't work when you solo an individual track. Instead of hearing that track and its associated effect you hear that track and the effects of all of the tracks. In the manual it says "AUX8 is a stereo send. It is sourced post pan from the mix B path"

    So how would you recommend that I connect the lexicon so that I have access to both stereo effects units? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!

    I may at some stage want to incorporate another effects unit into the ghost but for now, I'd be happy to have just the two.

  2. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    I send my main FX device out of Aux1 and Aux2 and return to FX1 and FX2. Thern i can control which subbus the effect is routed too as well as having both a pan control in the master section as well as a prefader switch on each channel.
  3. Kiskadee

    Kiskadee Guest

    Hi Davedog, I have used your advice in the past and am grateful for it. AUX 1 and 2 are mono jacks at the back but the FX1 and FX1 are each a pair of L + R jacks. My lexicon has a left and a right input and a left and a right output. How do you use both FX1 and FX2?
  4. RemyRAD

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    Many of these effects devices were designed to accept either a single channel mono input, generally into the left input, where the effects device mix control is set to "100% wet" setting. The device creates a stereo or a "pseudo stereo" output generated by the digital signal processor. So with a console interface, you return just the effects to the stereo FX-1 return. The FX-1 send is then NOT passed through effects device but rather, is used to send your choice of signals directly to the stereo generating digital signal processor, within the device. The affected signal now appears to be more stereo when it is returned by itself to the console left and right mix bus and then mixed with the original sound source panned to taste in the left and right mix bus.

    You only use the left and right inputs when used in a standalone situation, which is almost never in a professional environment. Some Processors Actually Use 2 Independent Mono Digital Signal Processors for Each Channel so 2 Independent Mono Effects Could Be Used Simultaneously, If You Are Really Really Cheap.

    Not that cheap but easy
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  5. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    My bad. Yes, I do return this device to the FX1 L/R only as I do on all my devices. It still gives me all the options mentioned as far as placement via panning, gainstaging and pre/post fader.

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