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EL34's in a Dual Rectifier?

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by casey, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. casey

    casey Guest

    I'm thinking of sticking some EL34's in a dual rectifier to see how it sounds on recordings. I'm going for something between modern/vintage sound. Anyone using this setup? Or maybe some other types of tubes in a dual rectifier? How will this sound? I've never used the EL34.

  2. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

    EL34 is just the British designation for 6L6 which you already have in your Boogie. The Brit's also use ECC83 as a designation for 12AX7. I would not suggest using anything other than EL34/6L6 in your Boogie and I would stick with only Boogie brand tubes. Boogies have a fixed BIAS (it can't be adjusted) and the tubes they sell fall into a tight tolerance range that works best at this BIAS setting. Alot of other tubes fall outside of this range and it affects the sound in a negative way since you can't adjust the bias voltage for that tube. I tried other tubes in my Boogie and it sounded like crap! You might just luck into 4 6L6's that all fall into this range but I doubt it. This is why Boogie tubes are sold in matched pairs and are color coded for the range they fall into. This isn't so your forced to buy their tubes, it's so all Boogies maintain the same voice from amp to amp.
  3. heyman

    heyman Guest

    I second that, I have owned a dual rectifier since 1992. I had a friend in another band at the time that went ahead and thru EL34's in his rectifier..

    One word... Yuck... Stcik to 6L6's in the boogie, they rip. If you want a marshall type sound go out and get a Marshall..

    Not to be biased, but JCM 800's and the older Marshall heads and the old Marshall Speaker cabs blow most of the new Marshall stuff out of the water.. (except the 30 aniversery stuff)

    JCM 900 cabs were garbage as well.
  4. I have owned 3 boogie amps over the last 10 years a Studio .22 combo, Mark III head and an older Dual Rec, ALL using Boogie and/or Svetlana 6L6's and in the last year I decided I wanted more of a hi gain / vintage - less modern sound from my dual rec, such as yourself. I tried a few different brands of tubes including the boogie EL-34's (which, I wasn't very impressed with) and ended up using JJ's EL-34's and I absolutely love them. I was ready to get rid of the amp but, because I was able to find the "right" combination, it's back to being my favorite amp. I play in a indie/rock band using a Les Paul and old hiwatt cab with 30watt celestions and I couldn't be happier. So imo, I would go for it and maybe try using a different guitar/cab combination with it. I have a phat tone and can definately tell that the upper harmonics jump out at me more,making my amp sound splendid. Hope this helps.
  5. A Switch by a Different Name

  6. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

    Ryan, You are correct the 5881 is the British designation for the 6L6 not the EL34. In my haste to respond I began typing before my brain was in gear. Thank you for correcting my mistake, I apollogize if I misled anyone.


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