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Electro Voice Vocal Michrophone

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by Flyinace1, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Flyinace1

    Flyinace1 Active Member

    I have a EV N/D767a microphone that I really love. It sounds great for live vocals but I wanted to know about the N/D367. I work a lot with female vocalists and I have two in my band and I have read that the 367 sounds great for females. I was thinking about buying a couple more vocal mics for my band(I need 2 more) but I haven't been able to find a store where I can try out the mic and there aren't very many reviews on it. Is it worth the extra money to buy the 367 or should I just get some more 767?
  2. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    So you gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky?!?

    Seriously though, you have a 767 right there. Try it out on the women singers you have. If you like it then get some more since they aren't expensive. On the other hand, they aren't expensive. Go to Zzounds or wherever and pick up a 367 as well as some more 767's.

    Electro-Voice N/D367S | RecordingHacks.com

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