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EP vs LP?

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by EricIndecisive, May 1, 2011.

  1. EricIndecisive

    EricIndecisive Active Member

    Hey everyone... so I'm trying to put some material together to start showing to the world... I write all of the songs for me, but the only reason why I would ever want to play out in public (stagefright) would be to get some of these california girls and possibly help to fund my existence.

    SO, I was thinking of maybe a 6 song EP vs a longer LP? I have musical ADD, and have switched styles so many times... Probably over 60 songs if I were to go through them all. But after each style I try I feel like I keep getting closer, and this one might be it. It feels good for my voice and is fun to play.

    So what would you do? Some completely unknown guy that wants to get out there and make waves, would it be worth getting an LP when most of the songs probably won't even be cared for that much? Or release a shorter EP which is not only shorter to listen to but has a better selection of songs?
  2. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Are you going to do all the recording? If so, just do them all and don't stop. Go with the flow and go until you drop. Then sift through it all and start short listing. You'll know what to do then. Don't let your close friends get involved with your creative process either. Learn about crazy makers, we all have one close by and they do not serve musicians and/or creative people well.
  3. EricIndecisive

    EricIndecisive Active Member

    Thanks audiokid, it's actually myself that gets in the way of my creative process. I always listen to my favorite bands and always am saying I can't sound that good, why can't I write a song like that, etc. I can't help but compare myself to others, it sucks. So then I keep switching thinking that maybe something else will work for me, but I'm never happy with it. But then I see other people who can't play guitar very well or sing very well and they are out there and people dig it, they make new friends and meet girls, etc. I just have zero confidence in anything I do!

    But yes I will be recording them all myself.
  4. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    This business is not about how good you are at one thing, remember that. Also, 10% is talent and the rest is work and creating your luck. As you grow, will will learn more about your sound and discover things you never knew was in you. The reason you aren't confident is because you are expecting perfection. Remember over and over, its not about that at all. I heard you song and you could have won the last contest had Sean not nailed the concept down. Follow? He figured it out better than the others. So, his wonderful musicianship, crafty lyrics and recording skills won him something.
  5. JohnTodd

    JohnTodd Well-Known Member

    I did an EP first. I think an EP is a great way to discipline yourself to "get a project done" completely. With an EP comes music, but also the packaging. You need cover art, liner notes, and at least one photograph per song. This is a lot to take on the first time, so an EP with 3-5 songs on it is a perfect intro to all that.

    That's why I did an EP. I then started right away on the full LP album.
  6. EricIndecisive

    EricIndecisive Active Member

    Good points guys, thanks a lot. I think you are right JohnTodd, maybe something with 6 songs will be easier for my ADD to handle. Do you reuse the songs on the EP on the full length album? I feel like albums keep getting more and more compressed anyways, so to put more work into each song will be better in the long run!
  7. song4gabriel

    song4gabriel Active Member


    hope you are enjoying your new digs in CA. I agree with the points made by Tree, especially : "Learn about crazy makers, we all have one close by and they do not serve musicians and/or creative people well." ("crazy makers" -did he coin that/ its perfect) as well as JT. An ep is a good idea- especially in the current music world. Unless you have a reason to do a full length (a serious concept, or a label backing you)- focus on 5-7 killer songs.

    One thing you mentioned- you have a slight habit of knocking yourself. so i will state right here and now- that you rock. I do the same (knock myself that is)- and I actually feed off of encouragement very much. When I first poked around this site people (REM, Dog and audiokid) told me I was good. I used that as fuel to confidently work on my art.

    As far as your ADD or feeling the necessity to not finish something until it is absolutely perfect- I have heard many times that records don't get finished- they just get cut. don't drive yourself nuts trying to make something absolutely perfect. your ear will always get better as you persue this art and naturally it will always find new things that could have/should have sounded better. This advice has helped me (sort of)

    With the internet there are so many ways to get our music out there and if it is good, (which yours is) we can get more exposure and even get paid for it. have your songs mixed and mastered and get them the hell up on lastfm, cdbaby and itunes. We need you

  8. JohnTodd

    JohnTodd Well-Known Member

    Funny you should ask that...I started the album with all new material, but about halfway through I could see I wasn't going to meet my deadline. By that time my voice and my recording techniques had improved drastically, so I went back to the EP and pulled 4 of those songs. I re-did the vocals on 3 of them, and re-mixed and remastered all of them to match the new album. They now are integrated into the album as if they were always intended to be there.

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