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Epson R300 "Continuous Ink System" - tried it?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by zemlin, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. zemlin

    zemlin Well-Known Member

    I use an Epson R300 for my printing needs. I get very nice results, but the ink costs me a pretty penny. I'm looking real hard at a "continuous ink system" for this printer.

    something along these lines, for example

    My main concerns are reliability and color matching to factory inks. I've gone to great lengths to insure the best print quality I can get for the different media I use. One off brand of ink did not match the Epson ink, so I'm a little gun-shy now.

    Also, I'm not interested in the $$ savings of a system like this if they tend to be problematic - clogging, bubbles, whatever might cause a bad print in the middle of a batch.

    Anyone BTDT? care to report?
  2. Thomas W. Bethel

    Thomas W. Bethel Well-Known Member

    We have something similar with our HP Pro K-550 and the only problem is that if you do not use the unit EVERYDAY the ink does not flow until you have done a couple of cleanings. So if you are going to use the unit every day it probably would be a good idea otherwise you might have problems with the ink supply.
  3. zemlin

    zemlin Well-Known Member

    I wonder if I could use the Windows Schedule to setup a color test print every day.

    I run the poop out of this thing sometimes, and others it may go for days (weeks?) with barely any work.

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