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equipment advice

Discussion in 'Recording' started by johntheson, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. johntheson

    johntheson Guest

    I was reading various reviews on the Delta 66 at zZounds, and would like to know what you folks think of it? I want to record just guitar(acoustic electric thru an LR Baggs DI pre amp, and use my Les Paul also), and record vocals with my Shure SM57 mic. I have read, and read forums, and I still don't completely understand exactly what I need. If I get the Delta 66, what else will I need? I now have just a SB Live card, and when I plug my DI pre amp into the line in on the SB Live, and record my Martin acoustic electric; I get a great sound(I'm using Sonar XL 2.0), but when I try to record my Les Paul just plugging into the line in, all I get is an overdriven sound that too distorted, no matter what adjustments I make. Thank you for any help you might have to lend. I don't have a great deal of money to spend, but how can I still record what I've listed. Thank you.
    John Cagle Sr.
  2. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    Hey John, how about trying a mixer first?
    The input channels of the SB live are being overdriven. You need a mixer to help you set the proper levels.
    Since you like the sound of your SB live when you record your Martin thru the DI box, try a Behringer MX602A Mixer(about 59 bucks) and a microphone to record your Les Paul with your guitar amp. There's enough room for what you want to do.
    The Delta66 is a good digital interface with 4 line level ins/outs, but you'll need a mixer with it anyway.
  3. johntheson

    johntheson Guest

    Thanks Tommy P.,
    I've been chatting with Bill Roberts here at the forum, and he has been trying to help me out also. I was going to purchase a Behringer mixer yesterday(I'm home from work, probably all week with a bulging disc in my back), and I called zZounds tech support for help before buying, and they said that there was no way for me to hook the mixer to my SB Live. I've DLed the PDF manual for the 2 mixers I'm interested in, but they don't really show the connections to a sound card in the diagrams they have. I will(God willing) be buying the stuff I need after I can explore recording a while to see if it's something I'm goung to stick with. I'm the type person that doesn't mind paying the price to get the stuff I need, but I just want to get aquainted with the process before I get totally involved money wise.I also have a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card in one of my other computers. I build systems for others, and have a 4 system network in my house. I just don't want to waste money by making uneducated purchases. How would I connect the mixer to either of the above mentioned cards, so I can record my miced amp, and contiue to record my acoustic, and maybe vocals as well? Even if I have to record 1 track at a time just to learn. I really wanted to pull the trigger on that Behringer mixer yesterday, but decided to make the call to them to ask a question or 2, and I came away more confused than ever. When I record my acoustic doing chords running through my LR Baggs Para DI pre amp on track 1, and then do the acoustc riffs on track 2, i love the way it sounds. It's very exceptable at this point. I know as I begin to catch on, I'll realise that I need much more equipment to accomplish my purposes. I would appreciate any help with info on attaching the mixer to sound card, and any cable adapters I might need,ect. I'm very excited about doing this; I just feel so uneducated about it all, even after spending days reading various articles, help forums, ect. Thank you Tommy for answering my post. Maybe with the help of you, and Bill, as well as others, I'll at least be able to get farther than I am now. God bless Bro'.
    John Sr.
  4. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    :cool: The price of admission is cheap nowadays, and later, you can decide how much of an investment in time and money you wish to make.

    Tommy P.
  5. johntheson

    johntheson Guest

    Tommy P,
    Without sounding all corny man; I appreciate your help a great deal. I guess it's like anything else; when you just don't get the picture, and someone takes the time to explain it to you; well I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm very grateful. I will try my hand with the above mentioned equipment, and then hope to continue to get the quality advice that I'm getting from you, and Bill Roberts at this forum. I might even end up surprising myself. Who knows ! I'll post back soon. Thank you Tommy.
    John Sr.
  6. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    John, if you can go for the 802 (musicians friend for 79)

    I really appreciate your kind words.

    Basically the 'Soundblaster Live!'card is a very good 16 bit piece. Going into it digitally not analog (use the spdif input) by using some form of A/D and D/A converter (hence the use for a standalone dat or CDR.

    The art D/IO is a good piece as well.

    I just want to help you reach your goals is all.
  7. johntheson

    johntheson Guest

    Did you get to catch up on any rest? I hope so my friend; anyone who had maintained the schedule that you had last week sure needed it. I went ahead and bought a UB802 mixer from Behringer. The UB models are the newest ones, and list as having a little better stuff than the regular 802. What the heck do I know though? LOL! It was $79 also. It has mic pre amps. I've got my old Pioneer amp, and speakers that I was going to use also. I'm going to see what I can do with this stuff while making future preparations to get the equipment that will actually get me where I need to go. I'm going to follow the suggestions that I get from you guys here. I'll post Monday with my results. Thank you my kind friend, for all you help. May God bless you richly!
    John Sr.
  8. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    I thought I had caught up some but I guess I did not. I was feeling lousy Sat and Sun and today I had to stay home from the day job...I will make it there tomorrow. I have to.

    Like I said, the cleanest way to get into your computer with audio is the A/D converter. Any DAT machine, CDR or anything that has an analog inpout and a digital output will work. You just need to stay in 16bit is all.

    If you come out of the behringer to the audio in of that card , analog, go to the m ixer and select Line in and make sure the record level is 40 to 50%, no higher. Run the Behringer at -6 to -3 peak on it's meters and be careful not to overload the input bus.

    How is it coming???

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