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Ever do Sound Reinforcement?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by TeddyG, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    I do, on occasion, a bit of SR - in a rather minor-league way...

    Last year, the guy who I work with(Who actually owns the gear, I just haul it all over the county, sweat-it-up and run it.), presented me with a new 4 xlr mic channel powered mixer, by Yamaha. Did I grown when I saw it? Yes... It is very "plastic", very lightweight, very... no I won't say it - because it isn't true, sort've... Yes! The damned thing is CHEAP!!! There, I said it! I'm not sorry either!

    Of course, I had to use the thing, just to see, so my sure-to-be complaints had legitimacy. Well, I am completing my second year with it. I only do about a dozen events for 3 weeks a year, during the Lancaster(PA) Arts Fest, though the other guy uses it throughout the year for other, again rather minor, things(Don't tell him I said that!)...

    Anyway, the darned thing works beautifully! Sounds great! Features function!(Though I don't actually USE the included efx... I guess I could, if needed, to some degree..? "Gene Galligan's Puppets" has his own efx box...). Anyway, we will be moving to the 8 channel version next year and we are both looking forward to it. NOT the kind of thing I would take on the upcoming "MJ - Nah nah Nih nah nah!" World Tour(I think the other minor league sound company in my town - Clair Brothers - I live in Lititz, PA, has that gig anyway?), but to keep in the closet, for yourself, and pull out once in awhile to use with a nice pair of speakers(We use up to 15" full range with it and cover alot of territory quite well.), the thing is great!

    I don't remember the model # at the moment - just look for the cheaxxx, I mean Least Expensive Yamaha powered mixer - there it is! Good stuff! I keep my old boat-anchor stuff in the truck - just incase... And when the "Y" breaks, give it to your neighbor kid down the street(WAY down the street - it has pretty fair power!) and pick-up another.

    Teddy G.

    One "customer comment" - last night. Did a "rag time" group from Baltimore. They gave thankx and compliments on the system - to the audience - for my "not trying to make them sound like a rock band..." Of course I had to slam-in the onboard reverb and turn it up all the way - just took a second or two, while the leader continued to talk. Prompted a bit of a chuckle from everyone-un-un-un-un(Even the folks in the audience who seemed to be able to well-remember the "ragtime age"... Like I said, the features DO function...... Nice unit.

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