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    This is an example of a before (the mix as I got it) and after I restored the dynamics.

    IT can be done and the bottom file blows away the top brickwall file.

    Have a look, I can explain how this is done.

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    try again!

    Hint, it is a technique with many edits.

    I do it by hand.

    Guess how? I will explain...but first, no box can do this.
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    C'mon Master Bill...tell us how you did it ? :d:
    I often get caught out with "brickwalls" to remaster including minidisc based stuff from a local radio station...not exactly audiophile to begin with hey !
    Regards, Tom
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    What you do is throw the file into sound forge editor.

    Then you reduce the volume in the process/volume slot by 10dB

    Then you listen to the track previewing your favorite eq and have its gain set to -5. You boost your line gain to make this LOUD..

    Then you look at the compression and radically boost pleasent frequencies and cut the non pleasent. Radical is up to a 13dB level boost or cut. You have headroom due to the gain management.

    Then you file that one keeping the original.

    Copy the original to a -11dB volume setting.

    Take that and copy it 3 more times.

    Incorporate odd band eq to extrapolate the missing frequencys, always with a huge volume cut and eq boost.

    Once you have the five files ready (10 tracks) the drop them to your multitrack recorder.

    Part 2 to be continued.

    I will explain how to take this 10 track mix back to the 2-bus.

    In will also go into detail how to do each of the 10 tracks before the remix.

    Act I was fun.

    Their are 5 acts to the process.

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