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External Soundcard issues.

Discussion in 'Recording' started by kevriain, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. kevriain

    kevriain Guest

    I am using an Aardvark q10 Pro, Cool Edit Pro. i have all of the drivers for the Aark. I have been using CEP and Audition for several years. I recently picked up a computer that was custom built around the time of the manufacture of the Aark and was prestine when i got it.
    The computer is solid. I have had the Aark for a year and this is the worst trouble that it has given me.

    Here is the situation:

    Sometimes i can get playback through the aark.
    sometimes i can get playback but no click from CEP.

    a week ago i did some tracking and saved a session. every session that i try after that day i dont get playback at all. this happened in the middle of recording another sesion.

    also, my channels on the aark have skipped by three. track one is recorded through track 3 etc.

    if i open the "good session" i can rename and save under a different session however, i can not adjust the metronome or any of the settings without CEP terminating.

    i am going to uninstall the driver, and the recording programs. i will attempt to get this thing going from the ground up.

    any suggestions?

    thanks a ton, ri.
  2. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    Wonder what kind of shape the hard drive is in? Do you perform regular maintenance on it? Had you installed any new/other software or hard ware right before this issue began?

    CoolEdit Pro doesn't exist in that form any longer, is that correct? I would also have to wonder what kind of shape the software is in...
  3. kevriain

    kevriain Guest

    the hard drive is pretty sound. the machine was designed as a server. the recording program was just installed about 2 weeks ago. it worked fine and then it just got goofy. i still cant get sound out of the aark so i by-passed it and went to the soundcard.

    i have to lay a demo for a band in about a weeks time and i hope it holds. its sad because the aark, when it works, is a nice piece of equipment.
  4. kevriain

    kevriain Guest

    cep is adobe audition now. 3 is very sweet but doesnt recognize the aark. the aark doesnt like previous versions.
  5. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    This could very well be the issue. I have never attempted to run recording software and hardware directly from our home server because it runs a different os that does a different thing that uses different drivers.
  6. kevriain

    kevriain Guest

    its no longer a server. it is solely used as a recording computer.

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