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Faulty MOTU 828 mk1

Discussion in 'Recording' started by halfcircle, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. halfcircle

    halfcircle Guest

    My Motu 828 seems to have developed a fault as it will cut out and start popping and clicking after an hours use. It is a few years old now and I no longer have a receipt.

    Does anybody know of a repairer in the UK for audio gear like this, or do you think MOTU could repair the unit?
  2. wombar

    wombar Guest

    Give Music Track a call as they're MOTU's UK Distributor.

    GT The Brick preamp

    I returned my 896HD to them last year and they were really helpful. Shame that I've managed to get 3 faulty 896HD units in 2 years. Will be calling them myself tomorrow to sort out a replacement for the latest unit.


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