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Final Mix Suggestions

Discussion in 'Recording' started by MattCiessan, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. MattCiessan

    MattCiessan Active Member

    Hi there, I was wondering if I could get several opinions on what this mix needs in order to be a final mix. I know that there is too much reverb on the (very loud) vocals, and I have heard  that the guitar is too loud/as well as too quiet. So I figured I would come here to get more opinions and try different things out.

    Please check out the link and give suggestions on what you think needs to be fixed. Be as harsh or nice as you please, but be truthful. I hope to eventually sell this on an album.

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  2. leopoldolopes

    leopoldolopes Active Member

    Hi! unfortunately, I can't find any good issues on this mix! This is a very unprofessional mix altogether... This is very bad indeed!
    Drums with to much ambiance; Attack on the crash is to low...; High-hat is not blending with the mix... Your mix is distorting... you must low your faders down...; Guitars are not blending with the whole mix...; Vocals are very low-fi... he's hidde on the mix...

    I can't find any positive issue on this mix! Sorry!

    You should deliver your recording to a mix engineer!

    Cheers and please read more about mixing if you decide on mixing this one truly... 'cause this one is very bad!
  3. MattCiessan

    MattCiessan Active Member

    To make things blend better, what EQing and/or panning would you suggest for the guitars? And I realize the vocals have too much reverb in them.
  4. leopoldolopes

    leopoldolopes Active Member

    I think that you should start over... first lowering your faders way down...

    Then working on Guitars first... then drums and then vox...

    There isn't any EQ or any tweaks I may say that could guide you in the moment, 'cause you should balance things first (volume and panning wise) then adding some effects and dynamic processors...

    Mixing is an art, practice and read more about it!

    And secondly and repeating myself... you should deliver your recording to a mix engineer!
  5. Ripeart

    Ripeart Active Member

    If you like, send me the tracks and I will mix then for you. Then tell you what I did (and why) and maybe you could replicate my settings and learn a little bit?

    I'm not being condescending or uppity, but I'm sure I can improve upon your mix and help you figure out what went wrong.

    If thats interesting to you, browse to my file share and upload your tracks. While your there you can have a listen to some of my mix demos.

  6. MattCiessan

    MattCiessan Active Member

    What program would you be mixing with? I've been using Reaper because I've found it the most user friendly.

    But yeah, I've been on other forums and have been improving the sound. I can upload the individual tracks later and compare what you do with them and go from there.
    Thanks =)
  7. Ripeart

    Ripeart Active Member

    Sure no problem. :) I use Digital Performer, you can check out my gear profile for more.

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