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fireface 800, Host in red when playing music. Please help!!!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by jazzo, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. jazzo

    jazzo Active Member

    Hi there,

    first as I'm french please excuse my english.

    I'm using Cubase sx 3 and I can record multitrack project easily, but when I want to listen to those tracks the sound stopped and the Host light is red!

    I can listen to a CD through Window media player but if I extract a song and want to listen to it through window media player, the sound stop and host is in red.

    XP pro sp2(with patch for firewire) is new and I have last drivers and firmware.
    PC P4 3g, 1g ram, motherboard asrock p4vt8, Firewire card Belkin 400.

    - Is it a codec problem?
    - Maybe my motherboard is too old?

    When I'm recording through Cubase, do I use the firewire card the same as when I play tracks? 'cause it works good when I record!

    Please HELP :cry:
  2. jazzo

    jazzo Active Member

    Ok so I try a codec pack and the problem is still here...

    So I Think it's 1) my motherboard
    2) my firewire card

    Is there someone who is using a belkin 400 as a firewire card for making music?
    I read in a french forum that some guys are using it whithout problems so...
    I'm lost... :cry:
  3. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    First, I think you should consider getting a firewire card capable of 800MBpm that your interface supports. If you are trying to use WMP while you have Cubase open, make sure you have "Release ASIO in background" enabled.
  4. jazzo

    jazzo Active Member

    Hello, as I received my FF800 with a firewire cable 400 and RME said that 400 is enough to use it with all the in et out, I bought a 400 firewire card. Maybe you're right?

    I will check the "Release ASIO in background". The thing is that I tried to listen music with WMP alone without cubase and to use cubase without WMP. Everytime I'm losing the signal...

    I will try tomorrow to use it with another computer so I will be sure if it's my FF or my computer...

  5. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Re: fireface 800, Host in red when playing music. Please hel

    Not sure what you're saying here. One thing to make sure that you are monitoring from your Fireface. If you have set the Fireface as your default sound device, any computer speakers you may have connected to an onboard soundcard will be useless. Sorry if I'm pointing out the obvious.
  6. Dr_Steve

    Dr_Steve Guest

    Hi Jazzo,

    The fireface 800 certainly should work with a FW 400 card - although there maybe something specifically wrong with yours, I don't know. I think you should try posting this question to the RME Newsgroup - RME engineers are on the group and will likely answer your question. Go to the support section of the RME website to see how to join up.

  7. jazzo

    jazzo Active Member

    Ok Thanks, I will try it.

    Tonight I will test the FF800 with another computer so I can tell if it's my PC (i think it is...) or the card.

    Keep you inform
  8. jazzo

    jazzo Active Member

    So my fireface 800 is OK, I plug it into another computer and it works great! :D

    So the problem is coming from my PC.


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