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firepod low level

Discussion in 'Recording' started by kelly001, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. kelly001

    kelly001 Guest

    I just purchased the firepod yesterday and I'm having problems with getting any real level. I tried to record separately a vibraphone (with a MXL V67 with phantom power on) and vocals with an Audix OM5 and in both cases, I barely get any level on the channels I decide to record on. And I mean, barely any. I'll be lucky if the meter on the channel even lights up. What am I missing? Is the unit defective? Is there a pad somewhere?
  2. rpmartino

    rpmartino Guest

    Just curious if you found the solution to your problem. I recently got a Firepod and it's been great, although I'm plugging instruments directly into it or line level signals rather than mics. I have some of the input gains up pretty high to get the level I need.
  3. kelly001

    kelly001 Guest

    yep, I believe it was a problem between using balanced and unbalanced cables.

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