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Fireport (hd24) to PC - distortion

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Trick, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Trick

    Trick Guest

    I am transferring files using the Alesis fireport to a pc. I am previewing the tracks right in Alesis' fst program and am experiencing digital distortion (clicks while music is playing) on every track. Is this a sound card or sampling problem? What could it be? I remember these exact tracks transferring fine when I used the ethernet connection.

    thanks for the help in advance
  2. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    I seem to remember someone in the Yahoo HD24 forum describing a similar problem, but I'm sorry I don't remember what the outcome was. It may have been indicative of a failing disk drive or a faulty FireWire cable. You could try scanning their archives.

    Meanwhile, a few questions:

    Do the tracks play correctly from the HD24 analog or ADAT outs?

    Are the clicks always in the same place each time you transfer a track, e.g. if you transfer a track twice and subtract the two transfers in your DAW, do you always get zero or do you just get clicks?

    Are the clicks always additional to the recorded material, or are they caused by missing sections of the recording?

    Does the FireWire cable work OK on other FireWire devices?
  3. Trick

    Trick Guest

    thanks Boswell,

    Just another note on what it sounds like...it sounds like firecrackers going through a high pass filter, so more of a crackle sound. When I started out today previewing the track in the fst program, there was no crackling, but then about ten minutes in, it started. So now there was crackling throughout all the tracks.

    yes, the tracks are fine through the analog outs.
    Now it is giving me problems transferring and I am receiving error messages like: 'Audio Bitmap is corrupt;project list corrupt;file system not started; there is no project open;no primary song set...etc, etc

    It's as if the disk becomes disconnected but then if I restart the computer it is there again.

    The clicks are always additional to the recorded material.

    Unfortunately I have no other firewire devices that I know of, so i have no way of testing the cable. I believe the cable is good because sometimes there is no crackle and I have wiggled it while I was previewing the tracks in the fst program.

    thanks for the help
  4. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Worth downloading Marc Brevoort's HD24Tools and seeing whether you get the same effect when using that. If yes, then you have a FireWire transfer or caddy-FirePort connection problem.

    You can get ViPower caddy racks very cheaply that take the Alesis caddies (they are made by ViPower). As well as FireWire, the ViPower racks are available with USB interfaces, which HD24Tools can use.
  5. declaps

    declaps Guest


    I experienced same problem when transferring digitally via tos if i didn't set sync to word clock. Word clock solved the problem.
    hope it can help you.
  6. Trick

    Trick Guest

    Well I downloaded hd 24 tools. I am still getting the same problem. Today I was able to use a mac and got the message 'audio bitmap is corrupt.' So, now I know it is either the firewire cable or fireport. Unless the fireport doesn't like the hard drive but I'm getting the same error with another hard drive and that one was a wester digital which came with the hd24. I ordered a new firewire cable, and if that doesn't fix it, I will then be sending the fireport back to Alesis.
  7. Trick

    Trick Guest

    instead of posting a new topic because this probably has been covered before, just can't find a specific answer.

    Will programs that run on Vista 32 bit run on Vista 64. I understand that they may not be 64 bit programs, and won't take advantage of the 64, but will they work the same as running on a 32 bit system, or will I have conflict and driver errors.


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