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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Pickjim, Feb 27, 2001.

  1. Pickjim

    Pickjim Guest

    Does anyone have any opinions on the implimentation and availability of firewire solutions for PC laptops? Specifically I/O for 1394 DV video, and audio in and out of firewire external hard drives. I'll be running Foundry, Logic Audio, and Pro Tools Free in Win ME on a PIII 700 from HP. :confused:
  2. mightymike

    mightymike Guest

    I've heard from there is problem with latency with firewire (i.e. a problem with using vst instruments), because firewire requires decoding by the cpu which induces latency. The fact of cpu utilisation worries me because I'd rather save as much as I can on the main program!

    I personally think the rme PCMCIA card will be a better bet..when it comes out


  3. firewireguy

    firewireguy Active Member

    I have been beta testing the Crest Audio FB-88 with Glyph external FW drives, and am very encouraged by the results. The drivers aren't quite optimal yet, but my feeling is that latency shouldn't be excessive, especially with Digital Harmony DHIVA technology inside. *plug* :)Crest Audio FB-88 on DHT site
  4. Pickjim

    Pickjim Guest

    The Crest piece looks pretty cool. Do you know what its proposed price is?
  5. firewireguy

    firewireguy Active Member

    Crest plans to retail the FB-88 for 1600.00. Availability is tentatively late May.

    Originally posted by Jim Latimer:
    The Crest piece looks pretty cool. Do you know what its proposed price is?

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