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First pieces of pro gear.

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Beergasm74, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Beergasm74

    Beergasm74 Guest

    I have a current gen MAC book PRO and an I-MAC 24", PRESONUS Stdiolive 16.4.2. mixer, and Logic 9. Like so many other people I have spent a fortune on mediocre gear in the last 20 years (50g+) and would like to start over. The question is where to start. Mt background is classic rock and I have been a guitar/bass player for over 20 years. I want some pro level analog gear and am thinking about the TL Audio Fat Track and a RME ADI-2. I could use the TL on both the front and back end as it has mic pre's and is a summing mixer. The other and maybe better (versatility) option is to get a lunch box and 2 pre's, 2 comp's, and 2 eq's. I am also using sm57's/beta 58 a TLM-102 and a Beyer M 160.

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