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First Post!! Buying Yamaha's HS50M Monitors Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Monitoring / Headphones' started by Heimz57, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Heimz57

    Heimz57 Active Member

    HEY GUYS!!!!!

    Man im a glad i found this forum. I'm a member in another one but that one is more about production and not recording. Anyways I haven't been recording for about 2 years but now getting back into it. Tomorrow im buying my first new piece since i bought my old equipment back in 2005. Hope i can learn a lot from you guys and you from me. Once i get to hear them in my house i'll let you know what I think :cool:
  2. boxcar

    boxcar Active Member

    Hey welcome, its good your getting back into recording.
    Im sure those monitors will sound fine. I use to own a pair of yamaha MP5's and the thing i found out about monitors is you can learn any monitor and make it work.
    I can mix on any monitor if you give me a couple of weeks to go back and forth to my truck,getto blaster,nice stereo ect. Once i know how they translate to other players, i just mix that way.All the yamaha monitors are quite adequate.imo
  3. Heimz57

    Heimz57 Active Member

    WOW!!! Thats all i gotta say. These things are great. Little by little i will be getting a new room to mix and record at so ill definitely be in this forum a lot!!!
  4. Caleb

    Caleb Active Member

    -Glad you joined! I had been looking for a place where I could meet with other engineers and recently became a member here.
    -The HS50's are pretty nice, just one word of advice before you begin mixing on them, pay attention because there is an audible boost in the high mid to high range, you don't want your mixes to sound damp later on.
    -Hope you keep us posted as you expand your setup, take care!
  5. Heimz57

    Heimz57 Active Member

    Hey Caleb thanks for the advice. Yeah at this moment im not really gonna mix anything with them since im gonna be moving to a new room within the next two months but i've been hearing tracks i did before in this room and i can hear certain things i couldnt with my old rp5's (im sure my ear has changed a bit also)

    Here in this room (17ft ft 12ft) they dont have much bass but when i move into my new apartment im sure the room will be much smaller so prolly wont need a sub. Im relocating to finish Engineering school in Arizona so i can do with these for now but once i come back home if i do im definitely gonna need the sub because this is a pretty nice size room and it would be very helpful
  6. kmetal

    kmetal Kyle P. Gushue Well-Known Member

    watch out for subs, they'll really excite your room modes, making your room acoustics, more imbalanced, therefore harder to get a mix that translates. a good set of monitors like the hs's should give you an accurate depiction of the low end, without the need for a sub. maybe you should consider the hs80's as the 8" drivers will push lower frequencies.
  7. msoares

    msoares Active Member

    Heimz, Hi! I think that model Yamaha HS-80 is a better option than HS-50M. The lower frequencies is powerfull in HS-50M.
  8. vibrations1951

    vibrations1951 Active Member

    Hello Heimze57
    I picked up a pair of the 50's about 6 months ago. I'm slowly building my studio in a roughly 30'x39', presently open space with concrete slab floors, 15' ceilings and ICF walls. No treatment though I have lots of 703 stacked against the eventual CR back wall. Can you say boomy and reflective?? I had been using some old tired JBL 4011's...oof! Anyway, I'm a very novice, occasional mixer but within a very short amount of time, I easily learned to use these speakers to make my mixes translate very well across the board. I've lost a lot of my upper mid and high end hearing over the years so the bump referred to above is a plus to me. I don't have NS10's and feel that the 50's will do me well enough to not need NS10's in the future. I do feel that monitors are a very personal thing but I just love these for small, reference. Good luck...let us know what you settle on.

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