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Fixing Up NS-10M

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by ErikFlipside, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. ErikFlipside

    ErikFlipside Guest

    Hey all,

    I snagged a pair of 'as is' NS-10MS off ebay last week and they finally arrived. Upon inspection and a quick test, the left monitor is in very good condition and both speakers are working properly. Very excited about that. The right monitor, however, needs a bit of work. Not a big problem...I wasn't expecting a perfect pair for $300 shipped.

    The right woofer won't play. I figured if it was blown it would still play something, but there's nothing. Would you folks be so kind as to walk me through the process of figuring out what's wrong? Hopefully it's not the crossover. Fixing this is absolutely essential.

    My next question is that there are the usual scuffs and scrapes on the cabinets...the right having significantly more then the left. Any suggestions on a good way to repaint them without loosing the subtle wood grain and the logo on the front? I suppose I could make an accurate stencil through Photoshop, but that would take a ton of time. Actually, the fronts are in pretty good conition, but the edges and tops in a few places could use some work. This obviously is not necessary as the right monitor needs to be fully functioning first. I'd just like to know for future reference.

    Finally, what is the material on the inside? Is it fiberglass, asbestos, pillow suffing?? I wasn't about to go grabbing around inside there before know exactly what it is.

  2. ErikFlipside

    ErikFlipside Guest


    How should I go about testing the crossover? The woofer looks to be in pretty good condition, the surround and cone look to be intact.

    Should I take the woofer out of the left monitor and hook it up to the right?
  3. frob

    frob Well-Known Member

    that would be what i would do, though i dont know too mutch about the ns10's construction.
  4. ErikFlipside

    ErikFlipside Guest

    I figured out the problem...right woofer is bad, crossovers are just fine. So now I need to order two new woofers, and maybe use the good one I still have to make a sub-kick mic.

    Any suggestions on what kind of spray paint I should use to touch up the top and sides? Gloss, satin, flat, etc? Brand?
  5. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    I wouldn't paint them. You are going to think I'm nuts but take a black crayon and fill in all the scratches with it. Rub the crayon quickly over mars and scratches so that you build up a little heat that melts the wax into the scratches. Buff it out with a soft cloth until it shines.

    Color deep or bad marks with a black sharpie .. and then do the crayon thing to them to fill in any gouges.

    This is an old trick I picked up when I worked as a wherehousman for a Stereo Store chain when I was a teenager (before there was dirt). About once a week the manager gave me some crayons and had me spend a couple hours cleaning up all the floor demo speakers and recievers. Now you know why you can get a deal on floor models ... :roll:

    PS I would love to buy the used woofer that still works if you want to sell it.
  6. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member


    is Kurt going to DIY a kick drum thingy ??

    will this involve the use of a soldering iron ... :cool:
  7. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    I'm not.
    I have a buzzy wuffer in my pair and at the moment I cannot afford 2 new wuufs. But I reeeeeeeeally need them to mix with. I just can't live witout my NS10s.

    So I figure a used one will balance out better with the other used wuuf that still works. Later this year after I pay off all these damn pre amps I have been purchasing, I will pony up for a new pair of NS 10 wuffs and then put the old ones away as saftey / spares.

    I never have had a problem getting the kick tones I need from a good ol' d112 ... it's in the pre amp and EQ y'know.

    I did break out the soldering iron the other day and make some xlr to 1/4" trs lines with Belden studio wire to hook up all these freakin' new pres I have.
  8. ErikFlipside

    ErikFlipside Guest

    You're right Kurt, I do think you're nuts...but I trust you anyways. Now all I have to do is find some crayons :roll: I really thought a couple very very light coats would mask the scratches and still keep most of the wood grain. I've already colored in some of the edges with a sharpie.

    As for the woofer...I'm thinking about either simply storing the woofer as a spare or make a sub-kick mic, although we get great results already with a beta52. I have a possible hookup with one of the top Yamaha salesman, so if I can get a deal on the woofers, I'll drop you a PM with the price. I need at least two woofers, and I may go ahead and buy new tweets as well. Actually...since you're in a bind, how about I trade you the woofer for your Sebatron??

    Any idea what's wrong with the dead speaker? Everything looks fine...nothing noticeably different from the good speaker.

    Speaking of soldering irons, I was swapping the the woofers to test them and burned the $*^t out of my forearm. I was setting the bad woofer on the desk, reaching over the soldering iron...I don't even think I completely touched the guard but man did I feel it. It was like an instant scar.
  9. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    I'll have to think about the trade for the Sebatron.

    My woofer is buzzing when drums or low end hits it. Its pretty annoying.

    I found a source for new woofs $90 each!! More than I can swing, especially if I go for two. That's why I've been looking for a used broken in one.

    I really wish you would sell the good one you have to meeeeee!
  10. frob

    frob Well-Known Member

    hey kurt whatcha goin to do with that buzzin wolfer when you replace it? email me.

    frobdfas at yahoo dot com

    oh yea i like your new sig.

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