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FL Studio 8 question(beginner seeking advice)

Discussion in 'FL Studio' started by soxoff, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. soxoff

    soxoff Guest

    Does this DAW allow you to incorporate your own instruments??????

    And if so what do i need in order to do that???

    Thanks ahead of time
  2. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    If you have an interface you can incorporate any instrument you want into most any DAW. The DAW is just software.
  3. MuayThaiKid

    MuayThaiKid Guest

    You can buy a interface for very cheap... you plug in your guitar, synth, microphone, DJ gear, etc. and it sends that audio signal to your DAW (FL8 in your case) usually via firewire or USB.
  4. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Cheap is rarely the answer. One can be price conscious and make intelligent decisions based on needs and equipment capabilities but I have never seen cheap work out correctly in the end result.

  5. MuayThaiKid

    MuayThaiKid Guest

    I don't get the impression he's trying to create a hip-hop space opera.

    Like I mentioned, an audio interface with one XLR input and one instrument lvl jack will work for your purposes. Of course we all want to have a SSL 64-channel, but who's got the cash for that? :p

    Once again, my suggestion is a cheap firewire interface (M-Audio makes some good cheap ones) and a cheap USB midi-controller (once again M-Audio is prob. a good bet).

    I used a setup like that for 3 years and produced some fantastic stuff and learned my craft along the way.
  6. MuayThaiKid

    MuayThaiKid Guest

    Oh and yes, you can record audio (not just MIDI) into FL Studio 8.
  7. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    A cheap usb or firewire or an SSL...is there nothing in the middle?

    Because the middle is the place you do your best work at, and it isn't cheap but people can afford it.

    Frankly, may I call you Frankly?, I would ditch the Fruity Loops if recording via instruments were the larger part of the goal.

    FL is, well, it is what it is and it isn't pacifically for vocal or instrument recording.

    To be honest, if the guy were trying to record the next hip-hop space opera, FL is EXACTLY what you want and plug that cheap microphone directly into the mic input of the sound card.

    I here it's all the rage....
  8. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    :cool: Nice one Space.

    Cheap is a mindset and neither a starting point nor a destination. It is a quagmire filled with things purchased because "I needed it" and "I only had $5.00 to spend."

    In a world: of budding audio engineer aural pain and frustration, there exists a Pit of Despair! One mighty yet understated bulletin board seeks to provide a ladder to the light, to advise against useless purchases and agony. That board is Recording.Org!

    [coming soon to a theater near you]
  9. MuayThaiKid

    MuayThaiKid Guest

    A dual-input firewire interface and midi controller would get the job done. Unless you're looking to record live drums or something like that (usually 8 inputs at once) or invest in a superior mic preamp like an Avalon or a Fearn or a Great River, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    Are you looking to do beats with some stacked vox, maybe a little guitar and hardware synths? Don't be afraid to go cheap braddah :D

    LOL Space, don't get it twisted. I was responding to buddy who basically said 'cheap' never works in his experience and of course, expensive can be the way to go depending on the situation, but we're in a recession and soxoff can get set up for prob 250 bucks and be MORE than ready to do his thing.
  10. MuayThaiKid

    MuayThaiKid Guest

    Also no offense is intended JackAttack. I'm sure you're speaking from a wealth of experience and I certainly can't argue that we all haven't had some bad experiences with cheap gear.

    But when it comes to a $200 versus a $500 dollar interface. The preamps and sound card would usually be fairly comparable, with # of inputs and routing options being the main difference. I would stay away from the audiobuddy though :p
  11. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Ahhh, but grasshopper, I never said he needed more than a two preamp interface. What I said was that the cheapest gear out there and the "cheap" mindset is no good. What I implied was a realistic evaluation of true needs versus wants and a little reality as far as what gear will actually produce a satisfactory product.

    The M-Audio FW series for instance (410 etc) is crap as far as both preamps and AD conversion but it is still superior to some even lower end gear out there. Behringer is hands down the current champion of nastiness-and noisy to boot. I have no comment on the Profire series as I have not used/heard it.

    Personally, I'm only lukewarm on your FP10 but I have no concerns about it's ability to get a good recording in the right hands. Also, many are quite happy with this unit.

    The Konnekt 24D would be a most admirable two channel interface that had very good preamps and very good AD/DA converters and could be utilized indefinitely.

    Everyone takes the path before them but sometimes it's best to look ahead for the detours.

    (and no offense taken)
  12. MuayThaiKid

    MuayThaiKid Guest

    I can't disagree with you my man. You figure out your end goal and evaluate the pros/cons of different solutions (of which price will be a factor). However, based on what he's gonna be doing (hip-hop), I know for a fact he doesn't have to spend a lot to achieve his aims.

    Shoot, I'll give him my old M-Audio FW 410 (that's right, I have one LMAO!!!) if he wants it and it'll get the job done cost effectively :) And he can ply his trade until he decides to move up.

    BTW I love my Firepod but I need to add at least two channels of a legit preamp to the mix. The Fearn they use in the studio I used to intern is so FIRE! LOL but I don't have 5 g's for one :( Guess I'll go with an ART Tube MP... I'm kidding!!!

    Matter of fact, do you have any suggestions for a dual channel pre in the 8 hundy-1k range? I've heard good things about PurpleAudio, Focusrite, API and others, but have really only used very low and very high-end gear like the AD2022 and VT-2 which are outta my league right now.
  13. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    I'd love to have some Fearn stuff as well. And it doesn't hurt that his daddy was a world class horn player :)

    Normally I don't recommend too much by name as the aural signature of different gear is so subjective. Mostly I try to steer folks away from the truly bottom dwelling dreck. Not that all bottom dwellers are bad, I love blackened catfish for instance.

    1K is just under where the good stuff begins. If you could even push it to $1300 you can start finding some very nice 2 channel pre's. I don't know what kind of recording you do, but I really like the True Systems stuff. Also in that 1300-1800 range is the Grace and Langevin and some AEA stuff-maybe a Neve Portico on sale.

    If you are in a large city you can sometimes find used gear shops/exchanges to make your stepping stones easier to achieve. I picked up a True Precision 8 for about half what it retails for new at Sweetwater. I was just in the right place at the right time.

    For $1K your best bet is probably the Onyx 800R honestly. It has very good AD conversion and the Onyx pre's are quite nice even if they don't belong in the group above. It being Mackie, it also takes a beating so I'd advise getting this used too from a reputable seller.

    Others are here at RO that can steer you better on this stuff. I'm pretty well just locked into classical music these days so my needs are likely different than yours.
  14. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Of course rather than the Onyx a guy could go the other way and spent that $800-1000 on a mono channel pre. You'd really want to plan that out though IMHO. I'm afraid I always lean towards pairs of mic's or pre's so didn't think of that when writing the last post.
  15. MuayThaiKid

    MuayThaiKid Guest

    The combo of the AD2022 with a U87 on vox... classy :) Sounds great on bass direct too. Bummer I can get one! I'm gonna chill for a lil while because my best bet's gonna be spotting for something clutch like an Avalon or a Fearn.

    Though the Onyx has been thrown out there as a pretty nice lil guy too... By quite a few folks too, so there must be something to it, but I really just want a few channels to shine through on certain tracks and can do most of the heavy lifting with the FP10's.

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